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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   TrID 5VW  5View capture
 Header Hexdump:  AA AA AA AA 
   FileInfo 5VW  5View Packet Capture File
   File Extensions 5VW  5Views packet capture data
   FILExt ACP  Acrobat Paper Capture Temporary File (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
   DotWhat ACP  Adobe Acrobat Paper Capture Plug
   File Extensions ACP  Adobe Acrobat paper capture
   TrID ACP  TCPDUMP's style capture (big-endian)
 Header Hexdump:  A1 B2 C3 D4 
   TrID ACP  TCPDUMP's style capture (little-endian)
 Header Hexdump:  D4 C3 B2 A1 
   FILExt ACP  TCPDUMP Style Capture
   File Extensions AMC  Acclaim motion capture data
   FILExt AN1  WWG DA-30 Capture File
   FILExt APC  AiroPeek Wireless Trace Capture File (WildPackets Inc.)
   File Extensions APC  AiroPeek wireless trace capture
   File Extensions ASF  Acclaim motion capture data
   FILExt ATC  Sniffer Capture File (Network Associates Technology Inc.)
   FILExt AWLIVE  Active WebCam Live Capture (PY Software)
   File Extensions AWLIVE  Active WebCam live capture video
   TrID AWLIVE  Active WebCam live capture
 Header Hexdump:  0B 50 59 53 4F 46 54 2E 43 4F 4D 20 
   DotWhat BFR  Capture File
   FILExt BFR  NI Observer Capture File
   FILExt BIF  Image Capture Board Binary Black & White Image
   DotWhat BIF  Image Capture Board Binary Image black
   TrID BK2  BizHawk movie capture
 Header Hexdump:  50 4B 03 04 
   TrID BKM  BizHawk movie capture (obsolete)
 Header Hexdump:  65 6D 75 56 65 72 73 69 6F 6E 20 56 65 72 73 69  
   FILExt BOM  OrCAD Schematic Capture Bill of Materials File (Cadence Design Systems Inc.)
   File Extensions BOM  OrCAD Schematic Capture bill of materials output data
   FILExt BVH  Character Studio BioVision Motion Capture File (Autodesk Inc.)
   File Extensions C1P  Capture One preview data
   FILExt C1S  Capture One Photo Cache File (Phase One)
   File Extensions C1S  Capture One photo cache
   File Extensions C1W  Capture One work data
   File Extensions CAP  Agilent LAN Analyser capture data
   FILExt CAP  Agilent LAN Analyzer Capture File
   File Extensions CAP  Capture data
   FILExt CAP  Fluke Protocol Inspector Capture File
   FILExt CAP  Generic Network Capture Document
   TrID CAP  Generic network capture file (XCP style)
 Header Hexdump:  58 43 50 00 
   TrID CAP  IBM Storyboard screen Capture
 Header Hexdump:  45 50 5F 43 41 50 
   TrID CAP  Microsoft NetMon v1.x traffic capture
 Header Hexdump:  52 54 53 53 
   TrID CAP  Microsoft NetMon v2.x traffic capture
 Header Hexdump:  47 4D 42 55 
   FILExt CAP  NetMon Capture File (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions CAP  Network Monitor capture data
   DotWhat CAP  Network Packet Capture File
   FileInfo CAP  Packet Capture File
   File Extensions CAP  ProComm/Telix session capture data
   FILExt CAP  ProComm/Telix session Capture File
   FILExt CAP  Shomiti Surveyor Capture File
   FILExt CAP  Sniffer Capture File (Network Associates Technology Inc.)
   FILExt CAP  Snoop Capture File
   TrID CAP  Snoop capture file
 Header Hexdump:  73 6E 6F 6F 70 
   DotWhat CAP  Telix Session Capture file
   FILExt CAP  Telix Session Capture
   FILExt CAP  TTC FireBerd 500 PC Capture File
   FILExt CAP  WWG Domino Capture File
   FILExt CAP  WWG LinkView PRO Capture File
   FILExt CCF  CommView Capture File (TamoSoft Inc.)
   FileInfo CFA  ComProbe Analyzer Capture File
   FileInfo COL  Capture One Session File
   File Extensions COP  Capture One preview image
   FileInfo COPRESET  Capture One Preset File
   File Extensions COPRESET  Capture One preset
   File Extensions COS  Capture One configuration file
   FileInfo COS  Capture One Settings File
   FileInfo COSESSIONDB  Capture One Session File
   FileInfo COSTYLE  Capture One Style File
   File Extensions COSTYLE  Capture One style file
   File Extensions CPFF  Cam2Com capture properties
   TrID CSM  Motion Capture File Format
 Header Hexdump:  24 
   FILExt DBC  OrCAD Capture CIS Database Configuration (Cadence Design Systems Inc.)
   File Extensions DBC  OrCAD capture CIS database configuration file
   FILExt DBK  OrCAD Schematic Capture Backup File (Cadence Design Systems Inc.)
   File Extensions DBK  OrCAD schematic capture backup
   TrID DBK  Orcad Schematic Capture Backup
 Header Hexdump:  D0 CF 11 E0 A1 B1 1A E1 00 
   TrID DCF  Daintree SNA Capture File (v4)
 Header Hexdump:  23 46 6F 72 6D 61 74 3D 34 
   FILExt DDRT  DDRSuite.exe DDR Bus Trace Capture File (LeCroy Corporation)
   FILExt DGC  IBM DataGLANce Capture File
   FILExt DMP  Precision Guesswork LANWatch Capture File
   File Extensions DOF  DOSBox capture movie file
   FILExt DOF  DOSBox Movie Capture Format (DOSBox Team)
   FILExt DRC  OrCAD Schematic Capture Design Rules Check Report File (Cadence Design Systems Inc.)
   File Extensions DRC  OrCAD schematic capture design rules check report
   TrID DSM  DeSmuME Movie capture
 Header Hexdump:  76 65 72 73 69 6F 6E 20 
   File Extensions DSN  ISIS Schematic Capture schematic data
   FILExt DSN  ISIS Schematic Capture Schematic File (Labcenter Electronics Ltd)
   File Extensions DSN  OrCAD schematic capture data
   FILExt DSN  OrCAD Schematic Capture Schematic File (Cadence Design Systems Inc.)
   TrID DSN  OrCAD Schematic Capture Schematic
 Header Hexdump:  D0 CF 11 E0 A1 B1 1A E1 00 
   TrID DTM  Dolphin movie capture
 Header Hexdump:  44 54 4D 1A 
   File Extensions EIP  Capture One Enhanced Image Package file
   TrID EIP  Capture One Enhanced Image Package
 Header Hexdump:  50 4B 03 04 
   FILExt ENC  Sniffer (DOS) Capture File (Network Associates Technology Inc.)
   FILExt ETH  HP Internet Advisor Capture File
   TrID ETH  WinPharoah Ethernet traffic capture
 Header Hexdump:  1A 35 01 00 
   FILExt FBM  Final Burn Alpha Movie Capture Format
   TrID FCM  FCE-Ultra movie capture
 Header Hexdump:  46 43 4D 1A 
   File Extensions FCM  FCEUX FCE-Ultra capture movie file
   FILExt FCM  FCEUX FCE-Ultra Movie Capture
   File Extensions FDC  McAfee Sniffer capture
   FILExt FDC  Sniffer Capture File (Network Associates Technology Inc.)
   FileInfo FM2  FCEUX 2 Movie Capture File
   FILExt FM2  FCEUX Movie Capture Format
   TrID FM2  FCEUX movie capture
 Header Hexdump:  76 65 72 73 69 6F 6E 20 33 0A 65 6D 75 56 65 72  
   FileInfo FM3  FCEUX TAS Editor Movie Capture File
   FILExt FMV  Famtasia Movie Capture
   File Extensions FMV  Famtasia movie capture
   TrID FMV  Famtasia movie capture
 Header Hexdump:  46 4D 56 1A 
   FILExt FR  Finalburn Alpha Movie Capture (Team FB Alpha)
   File Extensions FR  Finalburn Alpha movie capture file
   TrID FR  Finalburn Alpha movie capture
 Header Hexdump:  46 42 31 20 
   FILExt GIR  Gens Plus! Movie Capture
   TrID GIR  Gens Plus! movie capture
 Header Hexdump:  47 4D 56 00 
   FILExt GM2  Gens Sega Genesis Emulator Movie Capture Format (Mysticales)
   FILExt GMV  Gens Movie Capture
   File Extensions GMV  Gens movie capture
   TrID GMV  Gens movie capture
 Header Hexdump:  47 65 6E 73 20 4D 6F 76 69 65 20 
   DotWhat GX1  Show Partner Screen Capture File
   TrID HGM  Hourglass movie capture
 Header Hexdump:  66 54 77 02 
   FILExt HSR  Hero Screen Recorder Screen Capture File (Beijing Herosoft Zongheng Network Technology Co. Ltd)
   FILExt ICB  Image Capture Board
   File Extensions IMOTION  iClone motion capture file
   File Extensions JDT  Accelio Capture Classic filler data
   TrID JDT  Capture Classic Filler - Accelio JetForm
 Header Hexdump:  D0 CF 11 E0 A1 B1 1A E1 00 
   FILExt JDT  Capture Classic Filler (Accelio)
   FILExt JFM  Capture Classic (Accelio)
   FILExt JLP  JLIP Video Capture (Video Producer) Index Format Display (JVC)
   FileInfo LCC  Capture One Lens Cast Correction File
   File Extensions LCC  Capture One PRO file
   FILExt LCC  Capture One PRO Lens Cast Calibration File (Phase One)
   File Extensions LCF  LICEcap screen capture format
   File Extensions LLC  Phase One Capture One correction settings
   TrID LOG  BTSnoop capture format
 Header Hexdump:  62 74 73 6E 6F 6F 70 00 
   TrID LSMV  Lsnes movie capture
 Header Hexdump:  50 4B 03 04 
   FILExt M64  Mupen64 Movie Capture
   File Extensions M64  Mupen64 movie capture
   TrID M64  mupen64 movie capture
 Header Hexdump:  4D 36 34 1A 
   TrID MC2  Mednafen/PCEjin/VBjin movie capture
 Header Hexdump:  76 65 72 73 69 6F 6E 20 31 
   Cryer MCD  Motion capture plugin (Animation Master)
   TrID MCM  Mednafen movie capture
 Header Hexdump:  4D 44 46 4E 4D 4F 56 49 
   FILExt MDF  Capture Classic Filler (Accelio)
   FILExt MMV  Dega Movie Capture Format
   TrID MMV  Dega Movie capture
 Header Hexdump:  4D 4D 56 00 
   FILExt NAR  Nikon Capture Advanced RAW File (Nikon Inc.)
   File Extensions NCA  Nikon Capture color adjustment data
   FILExt NCA  Nikon Capture Color Adjustment File (Nikon Inc.)
   FILExt NCB  Nikon Capture Color Booster File (Nikon Inc.)
   File Extensions NCB  Nikon Capture NX color booster file
   File Extensions NCC  Nikon Capture camera data
   FILExt NCC  Nikon Capture Camera File (Nikon Inc.)
   FILExt NCV  Nikon Capture Curves File (Nikon Inc.)
   File Extensions NCV  Nikon Capture curves

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