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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   FileInfo 32X  Sega 32X ROM
   File Extensions 32X  Sega GENESIS ROM image file
   FileInfo 68K  SEGA Mega Drive & Genesis Classics ROM File
   File Extensions 68K  Sega Mega Drive ROM image
   FILExt ADX  Dreamcast Audio File (Sega)
   File Extensions ADX  Sega Dreamcast audio data
   FILExt AFS  Sega Dreamcast Compressed Audio (Sega of America Inc.)
   File Extensions AFS  Sega Dreamcast compressed audio
   TrID BIN  Sega Genesis / Megadrive / 32x ROM image
 Header Hexdump:   
   File Extensions BIN  Sega Genesis game ROM image
   FileInfo BIN  Sega Genesis Game ROM
   FILExt BLD  Yoot Tower Saved (Game) Building (Sega)
   TrID CAK  Sega CPK video
 Header Hexdump:  46 49 4C 4D 
   FILExt CAK  Sega FILM/CPK File Format (Sega of America Inc.)
   TrID CPK  Sega CPK video
 Header Hexdump:  46 49 4C 4D 
   FILExt CPK  Sega FILM/CPK File Format (Sega of America Inc.)
   File Extensions CPK  Sega FILM/CPK file format
   TrID FILM  Sega CPK video
 Header Hexdump:  46 49 4C 4D 
   FILExt FILM  Sega FILM/CPK File Format (Sega of America Inc.)
   FileInfo FILM_CPK  Sega FILM Multimedia File
   FILExt GCI  Sonic Adventure DX Saved Game File (Sega of America Inc.)
   File Extensions GDI  Sega GD-ROM image
   File Extensions GEN  Sega Genesis ROM image
   FileInfo GEN  Sega Genesis ROM
   FileInfo GG  Sega Game Gear ROM
   FILExt GG  Sega GameGear Game ROM Image (Sega of America Inc.)
   File Extensions GG  Sega GameGear game ROM image
   FILExt GM2  Gens Sega Genesis Emulator Movie Capture Format (Mysticales)
   File Extensions GS0  Sega Genesis (Megadrive) emulator quick slot 0 saved game
   FileInfo GS0  Sega Genesis Emulator Quick Slot 0 Save File
   File Extensions GSX  Gens Sega emulator saved state
   FileInfo GSX  Sega Genesis Emulator Saved State File
   File Extensions GYM  Sega Genesis music logged data
   FileInfo GYM  Sega Genesis Sound File
   FILExt GYM  Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Music Logged Format (Sega of America Inc.)
   TrID GYM  Sega Genesis/Mega Drive sound/music data
 Header Hexdump:  47 59 4D 58 
   File Extensions HMDL  Sega CANVAS Engine model
   File Extensions ISO  Sega CD game disk image
   FILExt ISO  Sega CD/Sony Playstation Game File (Sega of America Inc.)
   File Extensions KMG  Sega Dreamcast uncompressed image
   FILExt KVQ  Sega Smash Pack PC Version File (Sega of America Inc.)
   File Extensions KVQ  Sega Smash Pack PC version file
   TrID MD  Sega Genesis / Megadrive / 32x ROM image
 Header Hexdump:   
   FILExt OSB  Sega Dreamcast Sound (One Shot Bank) (Sega of America Inc.)
   File Extensions OSB  Sega Dreamcast sound
   FILExt PVM  Sonic Adventure DX Game Object (Sega of America Inc.)
   FILExt PVR  Dreamcast VR Texture (Sega)
   File Extensions PVR  Sega Dreamcast VR texture
   FILExt PVR  Sonic Adventure DX (Possibly) Level File (Sega of America Inc.)
   FILExt SC  Sega SC-3000 Image File (Sega of America Inc.)
   File Extensions SC  Sega SC-3000 image
   File Extensions SF7  Sega SF-7000 ROM image
   FILExt SF7  SF-7000 Disk Image (Sega)
   File Extensions SFD  Sofdec Sega Dreamcast movie
   FILExt SG  Sega SG-1000 Image File (Sega of America Inc.)
   File Extensions SG  Sega SG-1000 image
   TrID SGC  Sega Master System/Game Gear/Coleco Music Format (v1.0)
 Header Hexdump:  53 47 43 1A 01 
   DotWhat SJ1  Image SEGA SJ
   FILExt SJ1  Sega SJ-1 DIGIO (Sega of America Inc.)
   File Extensions SJ1  SEGA SJ-1 DIGIO image
   TrID SMD  Sega Genesis / Megadrive Rom Image
 Header Hexdump:   
   File Extensions SMD  Sega Genesis ROM emulator data
   FILExt SMD  Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Emulator ROM Image (Sega of America Inc.)
   Cryer SMD  SEGA mega drive ROM file
   DotWhat SMS  Sega Master System Emulator ROM File
   File Extensions SMS  Sega Master System emulator ROM image
   FILExt SMS  Sega Master System ROM Image (Sega of America Inc.)
   FILExt SNC  Sonic Adventure DX Chao Garden and Game Progress (Sega of America Inc.)
   FILExt SND  Sega FILM/CPK File Format (Sega of America Inc.)
   File Extensions SND  Sega FILM/CPK file format
   FILExt SPR  Dreamcast VR Texture (Sega)
   File Extensions SPR  Sega Dreamcast VR texture
   File Extensions SSF  Sega Saturn audio data
   File Extensions TNI  Sega Virtua Tennis menufiles common data
   FILExt VMI  Dreamcast Doiwnload Info File (Sega)
   File Extensions VMI  Sega Dreamcast download info
   FILExt VMS  Dreamcast VMU Save File (Sega)
   FILExt VMU  Dreamcast VMU Save File (Sega)
   File Extensions XPAC  Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing for PC game audio archive
   File Extensions ZSG  GENS zipped Sega Genesis ROM
   FILExt ZSG  Zipped Sega Genesis File

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