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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   FILExt ADF  A.R.S.E.N.A.L. Extended Power Main Game File (Tactical Soft)
   FILExt AGO  Autolog Script (Soft Machines)
   FILExt AMF  Autolog Macro (Soft Machines)
   FILExt AMM  Orchida Knitting System (Orchida Soft)
   File Extensions BSF  Bridge-Soft quarterly data
   FILExt BSF  Bridge-Soft Quarterly File
   DotWhat BSY  FTN soft BuSY flag
   FILExt BSY  FTN Soft Busy Flag
   FILExt CL  ArtIcons Pro Cursor Library (Aha-soft)
   TrID COM  16bit DOS COM Crack Soft's cryptor encrypted
 Header Hexdump:  E9 
   FILExt CRT  Soft Concert Karaoke File
   FILExt CWE  Crossword Express (AUS-PC-SOFT)
   FILExt DB1  ImageDatabase Index to Image Database (A.I.Soft)
   FILExt DB2  ImageDatabase Image Database (A.I.Soft)
   File Extensions DDP  Inor Soft software data
   FILExt DEM  Raven Shield In-Game Recording (Ubi Soft Entertainment)
   FILExt DSB  Orchida Embroidery System (Orchida Soft)
   FILExt DST  Orchida Embroidery System (Orchida Soft)
   FILExt DSZ  Orchida Embroidery System (Orchida Soft)
   File Extensions EBP  Jes-Soft Sports play description
   FILExt EBP  Jes-Soft Sports Program Play Description File (Jes-Soft)
   FILExt EMB  Orchida Embroidery System Embroidery Pattern (Orchida Soft)
   FILExt EXY  Orchida Embroidery System (Orchida Soft)
   FILExt FIC  WINDEV Hyper File Database (Native File Format) (PC SOFT)
   FILExt FXY  Orchida Embroidery System (Orchida Soft)
   FILExt GAB  WINDEV Controls' Styles Description (PC SOFT)
   Wikipedia GRD  Drivers for GRX (graphics library) - GRX (c) Free Soft. Found.
   Wikipedia GRN  Drivers for GRX (graphics library) - GRX (c) Free Soft. Found.
   FILExt H2O  H2OMAP Water Master Project File (MWH Soft)
   FILExt HBK  Auto Backup Backup Archive (Han-soft Software)
   FILExt HMF  HOOPS Metafile (Tech Soft America)
   FILExt HSF  HOOPS Stream File (Tech Soft America)
   TrID HSF  Hudson Soft game data (generic)
 Header Hexdump:  48 53 46 
   FILExt ICC  ArtIcons Pro Icon Collection (Aha-Soft)
   FILExt ICE  Freeze! Compressed Archive (Reeve Soft)
   FILExt ICPR  ArtIcons Pro IconProject (Aha-Soft)
   Wikipedia INF  Type 1 LaserJet font information file - soft font installers
   FILExt KNF  Orchida Knitting System (Orchida Soft)
   FILExt LAT  Crossword Express Lattice File (AUS-PC-SOFT)
   FileInfo LLD  Logo! Soft Comfort LAD File
   FileInfo LSC  Logo! Soft Comfort File
   File Extensions LSC  LOGO! Soft Comfort file
   FILExt LSC  LOGO!Soft Comfort Circuit File (Siemens AG)
   TrID LSC  LOGO!Soft Comfort Circuit
 Header Hexdump:  AC ED 00 05 77 
   FILExt LST  Orchida Knitting System (Orchida Soft)
   FILExt MMO  Hyper File Memo (PC SOFT)
   FILExt NML  NewsMail 2.0 E-mail Newsletter (ESU-Soft)
   FILExt NRI  Trickster Online Image (NTREEV SOFT)
   FILExt NSV  Nullsoft (Streaming|S as in Soft) Video (Nullsoft Inc.)
   FILExt NT6  Orchida Knitting System Universal Flat Knitting Machine Pattern (Orchida Soft)
   FILExt NT7  Orchida Knitting System Universal Flat Knitting Machine Pattern (Orchida Soft)
   FILExt OBK  Ubi Soft Chessmaster Opening Book File
   File Extensions OPTIONS  SE-SOFT configuration data
   FileInfo OPTIONS  SE-SOFT Configuration File
   Wikipedia OTL  Outline font description - Z-Soft Type Foundry
   FILExt OTL  Z-Soft Type Foundry Font
   FILExt PAT  Orchida Embroidery System (Orchida Soft)
   FILExt PFC  New Soft Presto! Page Manager File
   FILExt PH  Profan Header File (
   File Extensions PPF  Corel PaintShop Photo Pro soft plastic preset data
   FILExt PPF  Paint Shop Pro Soft Plastic Preset File (Corel Corporation)
   FILExt PRC  Profan Compiled P-Code (
   FILExt PRF  Profan (
   FILExt PZH  Presto Job (Soft S.A.)
   FILExt RDM  Ragdoll Masters Preference File (Ragdoll Soft)
   File Extensions RSF  Riky' s Soft document
   Wikipedia RTP  RTPatch software update package data file - Pocket soft patch
   FILExt SAS  Orchida Embroidery System (Orchida Soft)
   FILExt SAU  Separate And Unite (S&U) File Part (KKE Soft (Kalmykov Konstantin Evgenyevich Russian Federation Tver))
   File Extensions SDTID  RSA soft-token
   TrID SDTID  SecurID Soft Token
 Header Hexdump:  3C 3F 78 6D 6C 
   DotWhat SFB  HP soft font
   FILExt SFB  HP Soft Font
   TrID SFL  LaserJet Soft Font
 Header Hexdump:  1B 29 73 
   TrID SFP  LaserJet Soft Font
 Header Hexdump:  1B 29 73 
   TrID SFT  LaserJet Soft Font
 Header Hexdump:  1B 29 73 
   FILExt TONE  SOFT-TECH Alarm Clock and Raceway
   Wikipedia TPB  Downloadable PCL Soft font file backup - HiJaak
   DotWhat TPB  Downloadable PCL Soft font file backup
   FILExt TPB  HiJaak PCL Soft Font File Backup
   File Extensions TPB  HiJaak PCL soft font file backup
   Wikipedia TPF  Downloadable PCL Soft font file - HiJaak
   DotWhat TPF  Downloadable PCL Soft font file
   File Extensions TPF  HiJaak downloadable PCL soft font
   FILExt TPF  HiJaak PCL Soft Font File Font File Type
   TrID TPF  HiJaak PCL soft font
 Header Hexdump:  54 50 46 33 
   FILExt UXY  Orchida Embroidery System (Orchida Soft)
   FILExt WDG  WINDEV Procedures' Set (PC SOFT)
   FILExt WDI  WINDEV Component Description (PC SOFT)
   FILExt WDK  WinDev Component (PC SOFT)
   FILExt WDY  WINDEV Run-Time Template (PC SOFT)
   FILExt WDZ  WINDEV Compressed Archive (PC SOFT)
   FILExt WFE  Crossword Express Word Find Puzzle (AUS-PC-SOFT)
   FILExt WWI  WinWein Interchange Format File (DIGITAL Soft GbR)
   FileInfo XPR  SyncRO Soft oXygen XML Editor Project
   FILExt XRP  RationalPlan Project File (Stand By Soft)
   FILExt ZEL  ZELIO Soft (Schneider Electric)
   TrID ZEL  Zelio Soft project
 Header Hexdump:  3C 3F 78 6D 6C 20 76 65 72 73 69 6F 6E 3D 27 31  
   TrID ZM2  Zelio Soft 2 program
 Header Hexdump:  53 43 48 4E 45 49 44 45 52 5F 5A 32 00 

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