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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   FileInfo 00  The Ur-Quan Masters Saved Game Slot 0 File
   File Extensions 001  Snes9x slot 2 saved game
   FileInfo 001  Snes9x Slot 2 Saved State
   File Extensions GS0  Sega Genesis (Megadrive) emulator quick slot 0 saved game
   FileInfo GS0  Sega Genesis Emulator Quick Slot 0 Save File
   File Extensions GS4  Genecyst saved state slot 4
   File Extensions SID slot id data
   File Extensions SS0  GameBoid first saving slot
   FileInfo ZS0  ZSNES Slot 0 Saved State File
   File Extensions ZS0  ZSNES slot 0 saved state file
   FILExt ZS1  ZSNES Slot 1 Save State (ZSNES Team)
   FileInfo ZS1  ZSNES Slot 1 Saved State File
   File Extensions ZS1  ZSNES slot 1 saved state
   FILExt ZS2  ZSNES Slot 2 Save State (ZSNES Team)
   FileInfo ZS2  ZSNES Slot 2 Saved State File
   File Extensions ZS2  ZSNES slot 2 saved state
   FILExt ZS3  ZSNES Slot 3 Save State (ZSNES Team)
   FileInfo ZS3  ZSNES Slot 3 Saved State File
   File Extensions ZS3  ZSNES slot 3 saved state
   FILExt ZS4  ZSNES Slot 4 Save State (ZSNES Team)
   File Extensions ZS4  ZSNES slot 4 save state
   FileInfo ZS4  ZSNES Slot 4 Saved State File
   FILExt ZS5  ZSNES Slot 5 Save State (ZSNES Team)
   FileInfo ZS5  ZSNES Slot 5 Saved State File
   File Extensions ZS5  ZSNES slot 5 saved state
   FILExt ZS6  ZSNES Slot 6 Save State (ZSNES Team)
   FileInfo ZS6  ZSNES Slot 6 Saved State File
   File Extensions ZS6  ZSNES slot 6 saved state
   FILExt ZS7  ZSNES Slot 7 Save State (ZSNES Team)
   FileInfo ZS7  ZSNES Slot 7 Saved State File
   File Extensions ZS7  ZSNES slot 7 saved state
   FILExt ZS8  ZSNES Slot 8 Save State (ZSNES Team)
   DotWhat ZS8  ZSNES Slot 8 Save State
   FileInfo ZS8  ZSNES Slot 8 Saved State File
   File Extensions ZS8  ZSNES slot 8 saved state file
   FILExt ZS9  ZSNES Slot 9 Save State (ZSNES Team)
   FileInfo ZS9  ZSNES Slot 9 Saved State File
   File Extensions ZS9  ZSNES slot 9 saved state
   FILExt ZST  ZSNES Slot 0 Save State (ZSNES Team)

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