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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   File Extensions 08I  QuickBooks return tax
   FileInfo 17T  2017 StudioTax Return File
   FileInfo BA6  TaxAct 2016 Tax Return Backup File
   FileInfo BA7  TaxAct 2017 Tax Return Backup File
   FileInfo BA8  TaxAct 2018 Tax Return Backup File
   FileInfo BA9  TaxAct 2019 Tax Return Backup File
   FILExt DM_57  Return to Castle Wolfenstein Demo File (Id Software Inc.)
   File Extensions DM_57  Return to Castle Wolfenstein demo
   FILExt DM_59  Return to Castle Wolfenstein Demo File (Id Software Inc.)
   FILExt ET2  Electronic Tax Return Security File
   FileInfo H10  At Home Canada 2010 Tax Return
   File Extensions H10  At Home Canada 2010 tax return
   File Extensions H11  At Home 2011 tax return
   FileInfo H11  At Home Canada 2011 Tax Return
   File Extensions H12  At Home 2012 tax return data
   FileInfo H12  At Home Canada 2012 Tax Return
   FileInfo H13  H&R Block Canada 2013 Tax Return
   FileInfo H14  H&R Block Canada 2014 Tax Return
   FileInfo H15  H&R Block Canada 2015 Tax Return
   FileInfo H16  H&R Block Canada 2016 Tax Return
   FileInfo H17  H&R Block Canada 2017 Tax Return
   FILExt LEV  Return to Wonderland Classic Version Level File (Midnight Synergy)
   File Extensions LEV  Return to Wonderland level file
   FILExt LV5  Return to Wonderland Deluxe Version Level File (Midnight Synergy)
   File Extensions LV6  Return to Wonderland level data
   FILExt LV6  Return to Wonderland Platinum Version Level File (Midnight Synergy)
   File Extensions P07  2007 CANTAX T1 tax return
   FILExt PK3  Return to Castle Wolfenstein (Id Software Inc.)
   DotWhat PK3  Return to Castle Wolfenstein PAK File
   File Extensions Q00  Quicken 2000 tax return
   File Extensions Q01  Quicken 2001 tax return
   FILExt Q03  QuickTax Year 2003 Return (Intuit Canada)
   FILExt Q04  QuickTax Year 2004 Return (Intuit Canada)
   File Extensions Q07  QuickTax 2007 tax return data
   FileInfo Q07  QuickTax 2007 Tax Return
   DotWhat Q08  QuickTax 2008 Tax Return
   FileInfo Q08  QuickTax 2008 Tax Return
   File Extensions Q08  QuickTax 2008 tax return
   DotWhat Q09  QuickTax 2009 Tax Return
   FileInfo Q09  QuickTax 2009 Tax Return
   File Extensions Q09  QuickTax 2009 tax return
   File Extensions Q98  Quicken 98 tax return
   TrID SAV  Return To The Roots save game
 Header Hexdump:  52 54 54 52 53 41 56 45 
   TrID T0*  TaxCut Tax Return file
 Header Hexdump:  08 00 00 00 01 
   File Extensions T01  TaxCut 2001 tax return data
   FILExt T01  TaxCut 2001 Tax Return File (H&R Block e-solutions)
   File Extensions T02  TaxCut 2002 tax return data
   FILExt T02  TaxCut 2002 Tax Return File (H&R Block e-solutions)
   FILExt T03  TaxCut 2003 Tax Return File (H&R Block e-solutions)
   File Extensions T03  TaxCut 2003 tax return file
   FILExt T04  TaxCut 2004 Tax Return File (H&R Block e-solutions)
   File Extensions T04  TaxCut 2004 tax return file
   File Extensions T05  TaxCut 2005 tax return data
   FILExt T05  TaxCut 2005 Tax Return File (H&R Block e-solutions)
   DotWhat T05  TaxCut 2005 Tax Return
   FileInfo T05  TaxCut 2005 Tax Return
   FILExt T06  TaxCut 2006 Tax Return File (H&R Block e-solutions)
   DotWhat T06  TaxCut 2006 Tax Return
   FileInfo T06  TaxCut 2006 Tax Return
   File Extensions T06  TaxCut 2006 tax return
   File Extensions T07  TaxCut 2007 tax return file
   FileInfo T07  TaxCut 2007 Tax Return
   DotWhat T07  TaxCut Tax Return File
   File Extensions T08  TaxCut 2008 tax return data
   DotWhat T08  TaxCut 2008 Tax Return
   FileInfo T08  TaxCut 2008 Tax Return
   File Extensions T09  At Home 2009 tax return data
   DotWhat T09  At Home 2009 Tax Return
   FileInfo T09  At Home 2009 Tax Return
   File Extensions T10  At Home 2010 tax return form
   FileInfo T10  At Home 2010 Tax Return
   File Extensions T11  At Home 2011 tax return data
   FileInfo T11  At Home 2011 Tax Return
   FileInfo T12  At Home 2012 Tax Return
   File Extensions T12  H& R Block At Home 2012 tax return data
   File Extensions T13  H& R Block 2013 tax return
   FileInfo T13  H&R Block 2013 Tax Return
   File Extensions T14  H& R Block 2014 tax return
   FileInfo T14  H&R Block 2014 Tax Return
   File Extensions T15  H& R Block 2015 tax return
   FileInfo T15  H&R Block 2015 Tax Return
   File Extensions T16  H& R Block 2016 tax return
   FileInfo T16  H&R Block 2016 Tax Return
   File Extensions T17  H& R Block 2017 tax return
   FileInfo T17  H&R Block 2017 Tax Return
   File Extensions T18  H& R Block 2018 tax return
   FileInfo T18  H&R Block 2018 Tax Return
   FileInfo TA4  TaxAct 2014 Tax Return File
   File Extensions TA4  TaxACT tax return form
   FileInfo TA5  TaxAct 2015 Tax Return File
   File Extensions TA5  TaxACT tax return form
   FileInfo TA6  TaxAct 2016 Tax Return File
   FileInfo TA7  TaxAct 2017 Tax Return File
   FileInfo TA8  TaxAct 2018 Tax Return File
   FileInfo TA9  TaxAct 2019 Tax Return File
   TrID TAX  TurboTax return file
 Header Hexdump:  54 54 46 4E 01 01 
   FILExt TAX  TurboTax Tax Return (Intuit Inc.)
   FileInfo TAX  TurboTax Tax Return
   File Extensions TAX  TurboTax tax return
   FileInfo TAX08  TurboTax 2008 Tax Return File
   File Extensions TAX08  TurboTax 2008 tax return file
   FileInfo TAX09  TurboTax 2009 Tax Return File
   File Extensions TAX09  TurboTax 2009 tax return file
   FileInfo TAX10  TurboTax 2010 Tax Return File
   File Extensions TAX10  TurboTax 2010 tax return
   FileInfo TAX11  TurboTax 2011 Tax Return File
   File Extensions TAX11  TurboTax 2011 tax return
   FileInfo TAX12  TurboTax 2012 Tax Return File
   File Extensions TAX12  TurboTax 2012 tax return
   FileInfo TAX13  TurboTax 2013 Tax Return File
   File Extensions TAX13  TurboTax tax return
   File Extensions TAX14  TurboTax 2014 tax return
   FileInfo TAX15  TurboTax 2015 Tax Return File
   File Extensions TAX15  TurboTax tax return 2015
   FileInfo TAX16  TurboTax 2016 Tax Return File
   File Extensions TAX16  TurboTax tax return 2016
   FileInfo TAX17  TurboTax 2017 Tax Return File
   File Extensions TAX17  TurboTax tax return 2017
   FILExt TAX2008  TurboTax 2008 Tax Return (Intuit Inc.)
   DotWhat TAX2008  TurboTax 2008 Tax Return
   FileInfo TAX2008  TurboTax 2008 Tax Return
   File Extensions TAX2008  TurboTax 2008 tax return
   File Extensions TAX2009  TurboTax 2009 tax return data
   DotWhat TAX2009  Turbotax 2009 Tax Return
   FileInfo TAX2009  TurboTax 2009 Tax Return
   FileInfo TAX2010  TurboTax 2010 Tax Return
   File Extensions TAX2010  TurboTax 2010 tax return
   FileInfo TAX2011  TurboTax 2011 Tax Return
   File Extensions TAX2011  TurboTax 2011 tax return
   File Extensions TAX2012  TurboTax 2012 tax return data
   FileInfo TAX2012  TurboTax 2012 Tax Return
   FileInfo TAX2013  TurboTax 2013 Tax Return
   File Extensions TAX2013  TurboTax tax return 2013
   FileInfo TAX2014  TurboTax 2014 Tax Return
   File Extensions TAX2014  TurboTax tax return 2014
   FileInfo TAX2015  TurboTax 2015 Tax Return
   File Extensions TAX2015  TurboTax tax return 2015
   FileInfo TAX2016  TurboTax 2016 Tax Return
   File Extensions TAX2016  TurboTax tax return 2016
   FileInfo TAX2017  TurboTax 2017 Tax Return
   File Extensions TAX2017  TurboTax tax return 2017
   FileInfo TAX2018  TurboTax 2018 Tax Return
   File Extensions TAX2018  TurboTax tax return 2018 file
   FileInfo TAX2019  TurboTax 2019 Tax Return
   File Extensions TAX2019  TurboTax 2019 tax return
   File Extensions TAX2020  TurboTax 2020 tax return
   File Extensions TT10  Intuit Turbotax 2010 tax return
   FileInfo TT10  TurboTax Canada 2010 Tax Return
   FileInfo TT11  TurboTax Canada 2011 Tax Return
   File Extensions TT11  TurboTax Canada 2011 tax return

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