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   DotWhat 00B  PenSoft Payroll Backup File
   FILExt 00B  PenSoft Payroll Backup File
   File Extensions 00B  PenSoft Payroll backup file
   DotWhat 01B  PenSoft Payroll Backup File
   FILExt 01B  PenSoft Payroll Backup File
   File Extensions 01B  PenSoft Payroll backup
   File Extensions ACH  Medlin Payroll Software automated clearing house data
   FILExt ACH  Payroll Mate 2008 Automated Clearing House File (
   File Extensions ACR  Medlin Payroll Software accrual method adjustments / unpaid invoices file
   DotWhat B02  ADP Payroll
   FILExt B02  ADP Payroll
   FILExt CH1  ViewChoice (Payroll Associates LLC)
   FILExt CHD  ViewChoice (Payroll Associates LLC)
   FILExt CK2  ViewChoice (Payroll Associates LLC)
   File Extensions COA  Medlin Payroll Software chart
   File Extensions CUS  Medlin Payroll Software customer data file
   FILExt CUS  Payroll Mate 2008 Customer Data (
   File Extensions CUS  Payroll Mate customer data
   File Extensions DB4  Paychex Payroll database
   File Extensions DDD  Medlin Payroll Software direct deposit information file
   FILExt DDD  Payroll Mate 2008 Direct Deposit File (
   File Extensions DDD  Payroll Mate 2008 direct deposit file file
   File Extensions DES  Medlin Payroll Software sales code information file
   FILExt DXI  PayWindow Payroll Database (ZPAY Payroll Systems Inc.)
   File Extensions EMP  Medlin Payroll Software employee data file
   File Extensions INV  Medlin Payroll Software current year checks and invoices
   FILExt KHD  ViewChoice (Payroll Associates LLC)
   FILExt KK1  ViewChoice (Payroll Associates LLC)
   FILExt KK2  ViewChoice (Payroll Associates LLC)
   File Extensions LIN  Medlin Payroll Software current period invoice detail
   File Extensions MEM  Medlin Payroll Software additional vendor data file
   File Extensions MWI  Medlin Payroll Software invoice layout information
   File Extensions MWS  Medlin Payroll Software statement layout information file
   FILExt PHD  ViewChoice (Payroll Associates LLC)
   FILExt PMA  Payroll Mate 2008 (
   File Extensions PMA  Payroll Mate file
   FILExt PMB  Payroll Mate 2008 (
   File Extensions PMB  Payroll Mate 2008 data
   FILExt PMD  Payroll Mate 2008 (
   File Extensions PMD  Payroll Mate 2008 data
   FILExt PMF  Payroll Mate 2008 (
   File Extensions PR0  CheckMark Payroll Software company information file
   FILExt PR0  Payroll Company Information (CheckMark Software Inc.)
   File Extensions PR1  CheckMark Payroll Software employees file
   FILExt PR1  Payroll Empolyees (CheckMark Software Inc.)
   File Extensions PR2  CheckMark Payroll Software employee checks file
   FILExt PR2  Payroll Employee Checks (CheckMark Software Inc.)
   File Extensions PR3  CheckMark Payroll Software employer payees file
   FILExt PR3  Payroll Employer Payees (CheckMark Software Inc.)
   File Extensions PR4  CheckMark Payroll Software employer checks file
   FILExt PR4  Payroll Employer Checks (CheckMark Software Inc.)
   File Extensions PR5  CheckMark Payroll distribution data
   FILExt PR5  Payroll Distributions (CheckMark Software Inc.)
   FILExt PY1  ViewChoice (Payroll Associates LLC)
   FILExt PY2  ViewChoice (Payroll Associates LLC)
   FILExt QHD  ViewChoice (Payroll Associates LLC)
   File Extensions QPB  Quicken payroll data
   FILExt QPB  Quicken Payroll File (Intuit Inc.)
   DotWhat QPB  Quicken Payroll File
   FILExt QT1  ViewChoice (Payroll Associates LLC)
   FILExt QT2  ViewChoice (Payroll Associates LLC)
   File Extensions REC  Medlin Payroll Software bank reconciliation data
   FILExt REC  Payroll Mate 2008 Bank Reconciliation Data (
   File Extensions REC  Payroll Mate 2008 bank reconciliation data
   FILExt RESX  Payroll Mate 2008 (
   File Extensions RESX  Payroll Mate file
   File Extensions STM  Medlin Payroll Software statement layout
   File Extensions TDR  Medlin Payroll Software tax deposit record file
   File Extensions TRN  Medlin Payroll Software current year transactions file
   FILExt TRN  Payroll Mate 2008 Current Year Transactions (

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