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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   File Extensions ASSBIN  Substance Painter scene
   FILExt BRS  Corel Painter Brush File
   File Extensions BRS  Corel Painter brush
   File Extensions BRUSHCATEGORY  Corel Painter brush category data
   FileInfo BRUSHCATEGORY  Painter Brush Category File
   File Extensions BRUSHLIBRARY  Corel Painter brush library
   FileInfo BRUSHLIBRARY  Painter Brush Library
   File Extensions BRUSHVARIANT  Corel Painter brush variant data
   FileInfo BRUSHVARIANT  Painter Brush Variant File
   TrID CNT  Painter 3D Contour
 Header Hexdump:  43 6E 74 0A 41 6C 6C 0A 
   TrID D  Painter 3D model
 Header Hexdump:  50 61 6C 65 74 74 65 3A 0A 
   File Extensions FLOWMAPLIBRARY  Corel Painter flowmap library
   FileInfo FLOWMAPLIBRARY  Painter Flowmap Library
   File Extensions FPT  Face Painter picture image
   FileInfo FRAMESET  Frame Painter for LGS Frame Set File
   File Extensions FRM  Corel Painter frame stack file
   FileInfo FRM  Painter Frame Stack File
   FILExt FRS  Corel Painter Pattern Selection or Texture File
   File Extensions FRS  Corel Painter pattern selection texture
   DotWhat FSX3  Painter
   File Extensions GIG  Koala Painter picture image
   File Extensions GRADIENTLIBRARY  Corel Painter gradient library
   FileInfo GRADIENTLIBRARY  Painter Gradient Library
   File Extensions GRADIENTS  Corel Painter gradation library
   FileInfo GRADIENTS  Painter Gradation Library
   File Extensions IMAGEPORTFOLIOLIBRARY  Corel Painter image portfolio
   FileInfo IMAGEPORTFOLIOLIBRARY  Painter Image Portfolio Library
   File Extensions KLA  Koala Painter picture image
   TrID KMP  Kandinsky Music Painter music
 Header Hexdump:  4B 41 4E 44 49 4E 53 4B 59 30 2E 31 
   File Extensions LIGHTINGLIBRARY  Corel Painter lighting presets
   FileInfo LIGHTINGLIBRARY  Painter Lighting Presets Library
   File Extensions LOOKLIBRARY  Corel Painter looks library
   FileInfo LOOKLIBRARY  Painter Looks Library
   File Extensions LP3  Logo Painter 3/3+ picture image
   TrID MGP  Magic Painter bitmap
 Header Hexdump:  F4 0E 36 00 
   File Extensions MGP  Magic Painter picture image
   File Extensions MSW  Corel Painter color mixer settings
   File Extensions MXS  Corel Painter mixer pad file
   File Extensions NOZZLELIBRARY  Corel Painter nozzle library
   FileInfo NOZZLELIBRARY  Painter Nozzle Library
   File Extensions NZL  Corel Painter nozzle data
   FILExt NZL  Corel Painter Nozzle File
   File Extensions PAP  Corel Painter paper texture
   FILExt PAP  Corel Painter Pattern Selection or Texture File
   DotWhat PAP  Corel Painter Texture File
   TrID PAP  Fractal Design Painter Paper texture
 Header Hexdump:  00 00 01 00 00 
   File Extensions PAPERLIBRARY  Corel Painter paper library
   File Extensions PAPERS  Corel Painter paper texture file
   File Extensions PATTERNS  Corel Painter pattern library
   File Extensions POR  Corel Painter 4 portfolio data
   FILExt POR  Corel Painter Portfolio File
   FILExt PTL  Corel Painter Pattern Selection or Texture File
   File Extensions PWS  Corel Painter workspace
   File Extensions PXA  Pixia Color Painter data
   DotWhat PXA  Pixia Color Painter File
   FILExt PXA  Pixia Color Painter File
   File Extensions RIF  Corel Painter raster image file
   FILExt RIF  Fractal Painter Bitmap
   FileInfo RIF  Painter Raster Image File
   TrID RIF  Painter Raster Image Format bitmap
 Header Hexdump:  00 02 
   Wikipedia RIF  RIFF bitmap graphics (Resource Interchange File Format) - Fractal Design Painter
   DotWhat RIFF  Painter Image
   FileInfo RIFF  Painter Raster Image
   File Extensions RP  Rainbow Painter image file
   DotWhat RP  Rainbow Painter image format
   FILExt RP  Rainbow Painter
   File Extensions SBAR  Substance Painter data
   File Extensions SBSAR  Allegorithmic Substance Painter substance archive
   File Extensions SCRIPTLIBRARY  Corel Painter script library
   File Extensions SELECTIONPORTFOLIOLIBRARY  Corel Painter selection portfolio library
   FILExt SET  Corel Painter Settings File
   File Extensions SET  Corel Painter settings
   File Extensions SPC  Graphics Magician Picture Painter bitmap image
   File Extensions WEAVELIBRARY  Corel Painter weave library
   FileInfo WEAVELIBRARY  Painter Weave Library

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