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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   FILExt 00A(T)  CD Extra Format File
   File Extensions 00J  Magic Knight Rayearth EXTRA picture
   File Extensions 00N  Magic Knight Rayearth EXTRA data
   File Extensions 00S  Magic Knight Rayearth EXTRA data
   File Extensions 00T  Magic Knight Rayearth EXTRA data
   TrID APL  Extra! for Windows APL keymap
 Header Hexdump:  41 50 4C 20 4B 65 79 6D 61 70 20 66 6F 72 20 
   File Extensions BLD  FalCon eXtra picture document
   File Extensions CONT  Panasonic camcorder extra content data
   FILExt EBM  Attachmate Extra! Macro
   File Extensions EBM  Attachmate Extra! macro
   FileInfo EBM  EXTRA! Basic Macro
   TrID EBM  Extra! for Windows Binary/compiled Macro
 Header Hexdump:  5E 00 CD AB 
   DotWhat EBM  EXTRA
   FILExt EDP  Attachmate Extra! Session
   DotWhat EDP  Attachmate Extra
   TrID EWC  Extra! for Windows configuration/Environment (v1.x)
 Header Hexdump:  0D 0A 5B 45 78 74 72 61 21 45 6E 76 69 72 6F 6E  
   TrID EWM  Extra! for Windows Macro library
 Header Hexdump:  45 78 74 72 61 20 66 6F 72 20 57 69 6E 64 6F 77  
   TrID EWP  Extra! for Windows smartpad definition
 Header Hexdump:  45 78 74 72 61 21 20 66 6F 72 20 57 69 6E 64 6F  
   FileInfo EXTRA  Google BreakPad Crash Log Extra File
   FileInfo MENU  macOS Menu Extra
   File Extensions NRE  Nero Burning ROM CD EXTRA compilation
   FILExt NRE  Nero CD Extra Compilation (Nero AG)
   FILExt PB  PuffBOMB Extra Level File (Sykhronics)
   File Extensions PMPD  Panasonic camcorder extra data
   TrID PSA  Extra! for Windows Album/slideshow
 Header Hexdump:  5B 50 68 6F 74 6F 41 6C 62 75 6D 5D 0D 0A 56 65  
   TrID PSS  Extra! for Windows SnapShot
 Header Hexdump:  40 00 01 01 44 46 70 32 
   File Extensions RBJ  Extra Redcode Kit compiled redcode object file
   FILExt RBJ  XRK - eXtra Redcode Kit RedCode Warrior (Marco Pontello)
   FILExt RED  XRK - eXtra Redcode Kit Disassembled RedCode Warrior (Marco Pontello)
   File Extensions RED  XRK eXtra Redcode Kit disassembled redcode warrior
   FILExt SGXV  Sitestepper Extra Variables (E.De.L.Com bvba)
   FILExt SPARC  Skype Extra (Skype Limited)
   File Extensions SPARC  Skype Extra plug-in
   TrID SPARC  Skype Extra
 Header Hexdump:  77 77 77 77 03 00 00 00 20 00 00 00 
   File Extensions TMB  Panasonic camcorder extra data
   FILExt TP2  FalCon eXtra Video (FalCon Falkner Consulting für Messtechnologie GmbH)
   FILExt TX  Chaos Desktop Extra Text File (Chaos systems AB)
   File Extensions X16  Macromedia extra document
   DotWhat X16  Macromedia Extra
   File Extensions XDT  Win-Test extra data
   File Extensions XSM  eXtra Simple Music file
   TrID XSM  Extra Simple Music module
 Header Hexdump:  6F 66 54 41 5A 21 
   File Extensions XTF  LS-DYNA extra time history database

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