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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   FILExt APP  Clarion for Windows Application (SoftVelocity)
   File Extensions APP  Clarion for Windows application
   DotWhat BCT  Clarion backup dictionary
   FILExt BCT  Clarion for Windows Backup Dictionary (SoftVelocity)
   DotWhat BPP  Clarion Backup aPPlication
   File Extensions BPP  Clarion backup application
   FILExt BPP  Clarion for Windows Backup Application (SoftVelocity)
   FILExt CLA  Clarion for DOS Source Code (SoftVelocity)
   File Extensions CLA  Clarion for DOS source code
   DotWhat CLA  Clarion source
   FILExt CLW  Clarion for Windows Source Code (SoftVelocity)
   Cryer CLW  Clarion module file
   File Extensions CLW  Clarion source code
   TrID DAT  Clarion 2 DataBase for DOS
 Header Hexdump:  43 33 
   FILExt DAT  Clarion DOS Database (SoftVelocity)
   FILExt DB$  Clarion for Modula-2 Debug Info (SoftVelocity)
   File Extensions DB$  Clarion Modula-2 temporary debug info
   FILExt DBD  Clarion for Modula-2 Debug Info (SoftVelocity)
   File Extensions DBD  Clarion Modula-2 debug information
   DotWhat DBD  Clarion Modula
   FILExt DCT  Clarion for Windows Data Dictionary (SoftVelocity)
   File Extensions DPQ  Clarion file
   DotWhat EPT  Clarion Embed Points File
   FILExt EPT  Clarion for Windows Embed Points File (SoftVelocity)
   File Extensions EPT  Clarion for Windows embed points
   TrID HLP  Clarion for DOS Help
 Header Hexdump:  E0 49 
   File Extensions K01  Clarion database key
   FILExt K01  Clarion DOS Database Key File (SoftVelocity)
   File Extensions K02  Clarion data
   FILExt K02  Clarion DOS Database Key File (SoftVelocity)
   FILExt K03  Clarion DOS Database Key File (SoftVelocity)
   File Extensions K03  Clarion DOS database key
   FILExt K04  Clarion DOS Database Key File (SoftVelocity)
   FILExt K05  Clarion DOS Database Key File (SoftVelocity)
   FILExt K06  Clarion DOS Database Key File (SoftVelocity)
   FILExt K07  Clarion DOS Database Key File (SoftVelocity)
   FILExt K08  Clarion DOS Database Key File (SoftVelocity)
   FILExt K09  Clarion DOS Database Key File (SoftVelocity)
   DotWhat KNN  Clarion
   File Extensions KNN  Clarion database key
   FILExt KNN  Clarion for Windows Database Key (SoftVelocity)
   Wikipedia KNN  Database key file - Clarion
   FILExt KTP  Clarion for Windows Temporary Key File (SoftVelocity)
   FILExt MEM  Clarion DOS Database Memo File (SoftVelocity)
   Wikipedia MEM  Memos datafile - Clarion
   FILExt MOD  Clarion for Modula-2 Source Code File (SoftVelocity)
   TrID PRJ  Clarion Project
 Header Hexdump:  2D 2D 20 
   File Extensions RED  Clarion Modula-2 path info
   Wikipedia RED  Path info - Clarion Modula-2
   FILExt SES  Clarion for Modula-2 Session Data (SoftVelocity)
   File Extensions SES  Clarion Modula-2 session info
   Wikipedia SES  Session info - Clarion Modula-2
   FILExt SHP  Clarion for Windows Ship List (SoftVelocity)
   File Extensions SHP  Clarion for Windows ship list
   FILExt TCF  Clarion for Windows Topspeed Transaction Control File (SoftVelocity)
   File Extensions TCF  Clarion topspeed transaction control data
   File Extensions TPE  Clarion example
   FILExt TPE  Clarion for Windows Example File (SoftVelocity)
   FILExt TPR  Clarion for Windows Repaired Data File (SoftVelocity)
   File Extensions TPR  Clarion for Windows repaired data file
   File Extensions TPS  Clarion for Windows top speed data
   FILExt TPS  Clarion for Windows Topspeed Data File (SoftVelocity)
   DotWhat TPS  Clarion TopSpeed Data File
   FileInfo TPS  Clarion TopSpeed Data File
   TrID TPS  Clarion Topspeed Data file
 Header Hexdump:  00 00 00 00 00 02 00 
   Wikipedia TRN  Translation support file - Quattro - Clarion
   File Extensions TXA  Clarion exported to text format
   FILExt TXA  Clarion for Windows Application (.APP) Exported to Text Format (SoftVelocity)
   FILExt TXD  Clarion for Windows Application Code in Text Format (SoftVelocity)
   File Extensions TXD  Clarion for Windows application code in text format

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