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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   FILExt ADF  Wyatt Technology ASTRA(r)Chromatography
   FILExt AFF  Advanced Forensics Format Disk Image (Simson L. Garfinkel and Basis Technology Corp)
   FILExt AMF  Anquet Map (Anquet Technology Ltd.)
   FILExt AML  Mio Technology Application Markup Language (Mioplanet Technologies Inc.)
   File Extensions AML  Mio technology application markup language
   FILExt ASY  LTspice/SwitcherCAD III Circuit Diagram (Linear Technology)
   FILExt ATC  Sniffer Capture File (Network Associates Technology Inc.)
   FILExt AVB  Avid Bin File (Avid Technology Inc.)
   FILExt BCC  Calendar Creator File (Riverdeep Interactive Learning Limited (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Learning Technology))
   FILExt BDB  CHASE Evaluation and Audit System Executable (Health And Safety Technology And Management Ltd.)
   FILExt BDF  E-Mail Detective Binary Data Fragment (Hot Pepper Technology Inc.)
   FILExt BLT  CATC Merlin Bluetooth Trace Files (Computer Access Technology Corporation (CATC))
   TrID BREP  Open Cascade Technology 3D model
 Header Hexdump:  44 42 52 65 70 5F 44 72 61 77 61 62 6C 65 53 68  
   FILExt CAP  Sniffer Capture File (Network Associates Technology Inc.)
   FILExt CMBL  Logger Pro Data (Vernier Software & Technology)
   FILExt CMV  Creative Zen/Centrale Media Player Video File (Creative Technology Ltd.)
   FILExt CTW  Context Tree Weighting Compressed File (Eindhoven University of Technology)
   FILExt CUB  Cubloc Studio PLC Information File (Comfile Technology Inc.)
   FILExt CUL  Cubloc Studio PLC Information File (Comfile Technology Inc.)
   FILExt CXT  Crocodile Technology Circuit (Crocodile Clips Ltd)
   File Extensions CXT  Crocodile Technology circuit
   FILExt CYT  Crocodile Technology Simulation (Crocodile Clips Ltd.)
   FILExt DCP  Dynamic Cone Penetrometer Data File (Pavement Technology Ltd.)
   FILExt DDB  DProfiler Cost Database (Beck Technology)
   FILExt DES  Pro/DESKTOP Design (Parametric Technology Corporation)
   FILExt DML  Drillbench Drilling Engineering Markup Language (Scandpower Petroleum Technology)
   FILExt DPS  dpsVelocity Split Video File (Leitch Technology Corporation)
   FILExt DVA  dpsVelocity Split Audio File (Leitch Technology Corporation)
   FILExt DVR  Planet Technology Security Video File (Planet Technology Corporation)
   FILExt EAR  ETI Camcorder Pro Audio File (Eyemail Technology Inc.)
   FILExt EASA  EASA Application Development File (AEA Technology plc)
   FILExt EASAP  EASA Archive (AEA Technology plc)
   FILExt EFT  e-Form Form Template (Hong Kong SAR Government Communications and Technology Branch)
   FILExt EG  Image It Backup Disk Image (WASAY Software Technology Inc.)
   FILExt EGG  Panda3D Transform Definition (Disney and Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center)
   FILExt ENC  Sniffer (DOS) Capture File (Network Associates Technology Inc.)
   FILExt EVL  CHASE Evaluation and Audit System Evaluation Lock File (Health And Safety Technology And Management Ltd.)
   FILExt EYE  ETI Camcorder Pro Video File (Eyemail Technology Inc.)
   FILExt EYE  Eyemail Video (Eyemail Technology Inc (ETI))
   DotWhat EZS  Sunburst Technology Easy Sheet Document
   FILExt EZS  Sunburst Technology Easy Sheet Document
   File Extensions EZS  Sunburst Technology easy sheet document
   DotWhat EZT  Sunburst Technology Easy Sheet Template
   FILExt EZT  Sunburst Technology Easy Sheet Template
   FILExt FCS  RapidForm Polygon Faces Data (INUS Technology Inc.)
   FILExt FDC  Sniffer Capture File (Network Associates Technology Inc.)
   FILExt FF1  PCLTool (Page Technology Marketing Inc.)
   FILExt FHD  PCLTool Form File (Page Technology Marketing Inc.)
   FILExt FLK  MYOB Lock Files (MYOB Technology Pty Ltd.)
   FILExt FMK  FlowMake Workflow Design (Praxis. Distributed Systems Technology Centre)
   FILExt FNW  FLARENET Model Data (Aspen Technology Inc.)
   FILExt FRM  MYOB Form File (MYOB Technology Pty Ltd.)
   FILExt FTS  CHASE Evaluation and Audit System Help File (CHASE.FTS) (Health And Safety Technology And Management Ltd.)
   FILExt FUN  Project FUN Editor Game Source Code (DigiPen Institute of Technology)
   FILExt GCD  Prassi CD Image (Prassi Technology)
   FILExt GPJ  Autorun-Autoplay Tools Project File (GS Technology Works LLC dba GS Technologies)
   FILExt GSM  GoldSim Model File (GoldSim Technology Group)
   FILExt GSP  GoldSim Input Model File (GoldSim Technology Group)
   FILExt HSC  HYSYS Simulation (Aspen Technology Inc.)
   FILExt HSR  Hero Screen Recorder Screen Capture File (Beijing Herosoft Zongheng Network Technology Co. Ltd)
   File Extensions HTP  Honest Technology Video Editor project
   FILExt HTP  honestech Video Editor Project File (Honest Technology )
   FILExt IBK  Sound Blaster Instrument Bank (Creative Technology Ltd.)
   FILExt IBL  PCLTool Index-by-Location File (Page Technology Marketing Inc.)
   FILExt IBT  IBTracer Infiniband Link And Protocol Analyzer InfiniBand Trace File (Computer Access Technology Corporation)
   FILExt ICF  RapidForm INUS Compression Format File (INUS Technology Inc.)
   TrID IDX  Parsons Technology resource Index
 Header Hexdump:  50 41 52 53 4F 4E 53 20 54 45 43 48 4E 4F 4C 4F  
   File Extensions ILF  Ag Leader Technology SMS insight log file
   FILExt ILF  SMS Insight Log File (Ag Leader Technology Inc.)
   FILExt INQ  Piped Technology Internet Query Configuration File (Queensgate Systems Ltd)
   FILExt INSCRIBE  InScribe 2004 Egyptian Hieroglyphs Document (Saqqara Technology Ltd.)
   FILExt IRI  Thermography Studio Infrared Image (GORATEC Technology GmbH & Co. KG)
   DotWhat ITH  InTether technology secured file
   Wikipedia JSP  JavaServer Pages - Dynamic pages running Web servers using Java technology
   FILExt KMA  Video Hoster Karaoke File (Micro Technology Unlimited)
   FILExt LUA  Lua Source (Tecgraf - Computer Graphics Technology Group)
   FILExt M12  Proprietary Data Format for Interchange of Defense Form Data with Mil-Pac Technology Software Products
   FILExt MBL  Logger Pro Experiment Data File (Vernier Software & Technology)
   FILExt MBT  HASLEMERE / Other MBT Applications MBT Data File (Modern Business Technology Limited)
   FILExt MDA  MicroDesign Area File (Creative Technology)
   FILExt MDC  MedDC Mail Pouch (Asier Technology Corporation)
   FILExt MDL  RapidForm Proprietary Format (INUS Technology Inc.)
   FILExt MDP  MicroDesign Page File (Creative Technology)
   FILExt MEM  Mio Technology Mio Object (Mioplanet Technologies Inc.)
   File Extensions MEM  Mio Technology Mio object
   FILExt MIDNAM  Pro Tools MIDI Patch Name File (Avid Technology Inc.)
   FILExt MIO  Mio Technology Generic Communications Format (Mioplanet Technologies Inc.)
   File Extensions MIO  Mio technology generic communications format
   FILExt MMF  McAfee VirusScan Configuration (Networks Associates Technology Inc.)
   FILExt MMP  MixMeister Playlist (MixMeister Technology)
   FILExt MPF  MPF Audio File (Mobijet Science & Technology Co. Ltd.)
   FILExt MXM  MixMeister BPM Calculation File (MixMeister Technology)
   FILExt MYB  MYOB Data File (MYOB Technology Pty Ltd.)
   FILExt MYO  MYOB Data File (MYOB Technology Pty Ltd.)
   FILExt NAP  ePolicy Orchestrator Network Associates Package (Policy File) (Network Associates Technology Inc.)
   FILExt NII  NIfTI-1 Data Format (Neuroimaging Informatics Technology Initiative)
   FILExt NVF  Nomad II Voice File (Creative Technology Ltd.)
   File Extensions O00  Always Technology SCSI Controller Driver
   FILExt OBA  Timespace X100 Digital Video Recorder Video File (Timespace Technology Ltd.)
   FILExt ODH  Odigo History File (Comverse Inc. a part of Comverse Technology)
   FILExt ODU  Odigo User File (Comverse Inc. a part of Comverse Technology)
   FILExt PCB  Protel Technology Advanced PCB Design
   FILExt PIQ  Piped Technology Information Query (Queensgate Systems Ltd)
   File Extensions PIQ  Piped technology information query
   FILExt PLS  MYOB Data File (MYOB Technology Pty Ltd.)
   FILExt PMF  PCLTool PageTech Metafile File Format (Page Technology Marketing Inc. (PageTech))
   FILExt PMP  PHPMaker Project File (e.World Technology Limited)
   FILExt POS  WinHex Position Data (X-Ways Software Technology AG)
   FILExt PRM  MYOB Premier 2004 Data File (MYOB Technology Pty Ltd.)
   FILExt PTF  Pro Tools Ver 7.0+ Session File (Avid Technology Inc.)
   FILExt PV  CONSEL Output P-Value File (Dept. of Mathematical and Computing Sciences Tokyo Institute of Technology)
   FILExt PVM MusicPhotoVideo (OSTA (Optical Storage Technology Association))
   FILExt PXX  ProteXXion Suite Data File (Bayer Technology Services GmbH)
   FILExt Q1A  QuickClean Restore Point (Network Associates Technology Inc.)
   FILExt QB  Q-Builder Study Cards File (Q-Builder Technology Inc.)
   FILExt QQT  Quick Qard Technology Qardware Definition File
   FILExt RMT  CONSEL Input File (Dept. of Mathematical and Computing Sciences Tokyo Institute of Technology)
   FILExt RSP  Rapport Rapport Script File (Wyse Technology)
   FILExt SC4  NOMAD MP3 Manager Voice Audio (Creative Technology Ltd.)
   FILExt SD2  Sound Designer II Audio File (Digidesign a Division of Avid Technology Inc.)
   FILExt SD2F  Sound Designer II Audio File (Digidesign a Division of Avid Technology Inc.)
   File Extensions SDU  Edwards Systems Technology data
   FILExt SDU  Edwards Systems Technology
   FILExt SIT  PDP-10 Steven's Institute of Technology Load-and-Go Fortran-77 Compiler Source
   File Extensions SM2  RHK Technology proprietary file format
   File Extensions SM3  RHK Technology proprietary file format
   File Extensions SM4  RHK Technology proprietary file format
   FILExt SPF  ShadowProtect Full Image (StorageCraft Technology Corporation)
   FILExt SPI  ShadowProtect Incremental Disk Changes (StorageCraft Technology Corporation)
   FILExt SPP  NMS-Edit Professional Project (ITI-Innovative Technology Inc.)
   FILExt SPWB  ShadowProtect Write Buffer (StorageCraft Technology Corporation)
   FILExt STK  HyperStudio Stack ( Sunburst Technology Inc.)
   FILExt SYC  Sniffer Capture File (Network Associates Technology Inc.)
   FILExt SYM  PCLTool PageTech Symbol Set File Format (Page Technology Marketing Inc. (PageTech))
   File Extensions T2D  Oracle Technology Transfer Database
   File Extensions TEC  Tanner L-edit layout technology data
   File Extensions TEK  ASITIC technology data
   FILExt TEK  ASITIC Technology File (University of California at Berkeley)
   FILExt TGD  Terragen 2 Technology Preview 1 World File (Planetside Software)
   FILExt TLB  CHASE Evaluation and Audit System File (Health And Safety Technology And Management Ltd.)
   FILExt TLE  dpsVelocity TimeLine File (Leitch Technology Corporation)
   FILExt TNX  PCLTool Text Extraction File (Page Technology Marketing Inc.)
   FILExt TPL  RapidForm Collection File (INUS Technology Inc.)
   FILExt TPT  PCLTool Transformation Parameter Table (Page Technology Marketing Inc.)
   FILExt TQD  Torq-DJ Song Information File (Avid Technology Inc.)
   FILExt TRADALOG  Tradalog (TradeDesk) Catalog File (Global TradeDesk Technology Pty Limited (Australia))
   FILExt TRC  Sniffer (DOS) Capture File (Network Associates Technology Inc.)
   FILExt TTN  Tartan Generator Saved Tartan (Clan Heritage (trading division of Viking Technology Ltd.))
   FILExt TUX  Tutorix Tutorial File (Mindleads Technology)
   FILExt UPM  PenMail Document (UC-Logic Technology Corp.)

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