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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   FILExt ALIGN  Insight II Sequence Alignment File (Accelrys Software Inc.)
   File Extensions ARC  Accelrys/MSI Biosym/Insight II CAR chemistry file
   FILExt ARC  Insight II Cartesian Coordinate Archive File (Accelrys Software Inc.)
   File Extensions CAR  Accelrys/MSI Biosym/Insight II CAR chemistry data
   FILExt CAR  Insight II Cartesian Coordinate File (Accelrys Software Inc.)
   TrID CLF  Source Insight Custom Language File
 Header Hexdump:  11 09 00 00 
   FILExt COR  Insight II Output Coordinate File (Accelrys Software Inc.)
   File Extensions COR  Insight II output coordinate file
   DotWhat DBD  Business Insight business data
   File Extensions DBD  Business Insight business data
   FILExt DBD  Business Insight Data
   FILExt EVZ  EasyViz EPR Integration Script (Medical Insight A/S)
   FILExt FHIS  Insight II Dynamics Trajectory History File (Accelrys Software Inc.)
   FILExt FRM  Insight II Free-Format Files (Accelrys Software Inc.)
   FILExt GRF  Insight II Standard Graph Definition File (Accelrys Software Inc.)
   File Extensions GRF  Insight II standard graph definition file
   FILExt HESSIAN  Insight II Hessian File (Accelrys Software Inc.)
   FILExt HESSIANX  Insight II Hessian File (Accelrys Software Inc.)
   FILExt HIS  Insight II Dynamics Trajectory History File (Accelrys Software Inc.)
   File Extensions HIS  Insight II dynamics trajectory history
   File Extensions ILF  Ag Leader Technology SMS insight log file
   FILExt ILF  SMS Insight Log File (Ag Leader Technology Inc.)
   FILExt LTPL  Insight II Layout Template File (Accelrys Software Inc.)
   FILExt LUDI_PSEUDO_PROTEIN  Insight II Exclusion Shell File (Accelrys Software Inc.)
   FILExt MDF  Insight II Molecular Data File (Accelrys Software Inc.)
   File Extensions MDF  Insight II molecular data
   FILExt MEX  Macro Express Macro (Insight Software Solutions)
   FILExt PDB  Insight II Brookhaven Protein Databand File (Accelrys Software Inc.)
   FILExt PDBX  Insight II X-PLOR Coordinate File (Accelrys Software Inc.)
   File Extensions PDBX  Insight II X-PLOR coordinate file
   File Extensions PKS  Insight II NMR peak intensity integral file
   FILExt PKS  Insight II NMR Peak Intensity/Integral (Accelrys Software Inc.)
   FILExt PLB  Insight II Pseudoatom Library (Accelrys Software Inc.)
   File Extensions PLB  Insight II pseudoatom library file
   FILExt PPM  Insight II Proton Chemical Shifts (Accelrys Software Inc.)
   File Extensions PPM  Insight II proton chemical shifts
   FileInfo PR  Source Insight Project
   FILExt PRE  Insight II Dynamics Scratch File (Accelrys Software Inc.)
   File Extensions PRE  Insight II dynamics scratch file
   FILExt PROJ  Insight II NMR Project (Accelrys Software Inc.)
   File Extensions PROJ  Insight II NMR project file
   FILExt PSF  Insight II X-PLOR Molecular Structure File (Accelrys Software Inc.)
   File Extensions PSF  Insight II X-PLOR molecular structure
   FILExt RLB  Insight II Residue Library (Accelrys Software Inc.)
   FILExt RSTRNT  Insight II Distance Torsion Chiral and NOE Volume Restraints (Accelrys Software Inc.)
   FILExt SCS_TOR  Insight II Torsion File (Accelrys Software Inc.)
   FILExt SD  Insight II Structure Data File (Accelrys Software Inc.)
   FILExt SEQ  Insight II Amino Acid Sequence File (Accelrys Software Inc.)
   FILExt SUB  Insight II Subset Definition File (Accelrys Software Inc.)
   File Extensions SUB  Insight II subset definition file
   FILExt TAB  Insight II Table File (Accelrys Software Inc.)
   FILExt TBL  Insight II Graph Data File (Accelrys Software Inc.)
   File Extensions TXX  Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit data
   TrID XCLF  Source Insight Custom Language File (XML)
 Header Hexdump:  3C 3F 78 6D 6C 20 76 65 72 73 69 6F 6E 3D 22 31  
   FILExt XDR_TOR  Insight II Binary Torsion File (Accelrys Software Inc.)
   FILExt XHESSIAN  Insight II Hessian File (Accelrys Software Inc.)

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