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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   DotWhat 8M  Math 8 extended character set printer font
   File Extensions 8U  Adobe Pagemaker Roman 8 extended character set printer font
   DotWhat 8U  Roman 8 extended character set printer font
   FILExt ADF  A.R.S.E.N.A.L. Extended Power Main Game File (Tactical Soft)
   TrID ADF  EXT1 Extended Amiga Disk image File
 Header Hexdump:  55 41 45 2D 2D 41 44 46 
   TrID ADF  EXT2 Extended Amiga Disk image File
 Header Hexdump:  55 41 45 2D 31 41 44 46 
   TrID ASICE  ASiC Extended container
 Header Hexdump:  50 4B 03 04 
   FILExt ASK  Daqarta Extended Audio Data (Interstellar Research)
   File Extensions ASK  Daqarta extended audio data file
   File Extensions ASPX  Active Server Page Extended ASP.NET script
   DotWhat ASPX  Active Server Page eXtended file
   FileInfo ASPX  Active Server Page Extended File
   FILExt ATN  Daqarta Extended Audio Data (Interstellar Research)
   File Extensions ATN  Daqarta extended audio data
   FILExt BAS  QuickBASIC Extended v7.1 Source
   TrID BAS  QuickBASIC Extended v7.1 Source
 Header Hexdump:  FC 
   FILExt BMX  BMXdesign Extended Bitmap Graphic (Container) (HEIDENHAIN)
   File Extensions BMX  BMXdesign extended bitmap graphic file
   FILExt CAL  Daqarta Extended Audio Data (Interstellar Research)
   File Extensions CAL  Daqarta extended audio data file
   File Extensions CPLN  KalOnline extended module
   FILExt CRV  Daqarta Extended Audio Data (Interstellar Research)
   File Extensions CRV  Daqarta extended audio data
   FileInfo CXF  Cuttlefish Extended Format File
   TrID CXF  Cuttlefish eXtended Format
 Header Hexdump:  63 6F 6E 66 69 67 75 72 61 74 69 6F 6E 3A 20 75  
   FILExt DAT  Daqarta Extended Audio Data (Interstellar Research)
   File Extensions DCTX  Microsoft Office IME open extended dictionary
   File Extensions DCTXC  Microsoft Office IME open extended dictionary
   FILExt DIX  Stonevoice Translator Extended Dictionary (Stonevoice)
   File Extensions DIX  Stonevoice Translator extended dictionary
   FILExt DQA  Daqarta Extended WAV Data (Interstellar Research)
   File Extensions DQA  Daqarta extended WAV data
   FILExt DSK  Extended CPCEMU Style Disk Image
   TrID DSK  Extended CPCEMU style disk image
 Header Hexdump:  45 58 54 45 4E 44 45 44 20 43 50 43 20 44 53 4B  
   FILExt DXD  Diogenes Extended Document (Dimensione CAD)
   File Extensions DXD  Diogenes Extended Document
   FILExt EAS  OS/2 Extended File Attributes
   File Extensions EAS  OS/2 extended file attributes
   File Extensions EBCDIC  Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code format
   TrID ECF  Exchange Extended Configuration File - Office Add-in
 Header Hexdump:  5B 47 65 6E 65 72 61 6C 5D 0D 0A 44 69 73 70 6C  
   FILExt ECF  Exchange Extended Configuration File (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions EDB  Adobe Photoshop extended digital book
   FILExt EDB  Photoshop Extended Digital Book (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
   TrID EDB  PhotoShop Extended Digital Book
 Header Hexdump:  01 00 
   FILExt EGN  Daqarta Extended Audio Data (Interstellar Research)
   File Extensions ELF  Black Belt Systems extended layer data
   DotWhat ELF  Black Belt Systems Extended Layer File
   FILExt ELF  Black Belt Systems Extended Layer File
   File Extensions EMB  ABT extended module file
   FILExt EMB  ABT Extended Module
   DotWhat EMD  ABT Extended MoDule
   FileInfo EMD  ABT Extended Module
   File Extensions EMD  ABT extended module
   TrID EMD  Extended MOD module
 Header Hexdump:  45 4D 4F 44 
   FILExt EMF  Extended (Enhanced) Windows Metafile Format
   DotWhat EMM  Extended memory manager file
   File Extensions ENF  Musitek SmartScore Extended Notation Format
   File Extensions ENFF  Extended Neutral File Format file
   FILExt ENFF  Extended Neutral File Format
   FILExt EPD  ChessDB Extended Position Description (Dr. David Kirkby)
   File Extensions EPD  ChessDB Extended Position Description file
   File Extensions EPO  Google Android GPS extended prediction orbit data
   DotWhat ESH  Extended Shell Batch file
   FileInfo ESH  Extended Shell Batch File
   FILExt ESH  Extended Shell Batch File
   DotWhat EUC  Extended Unix Code File
   FileInfo EUC  Extended Unix Code File
   TrID EVA  Extended Vector Animation
 Header Hexdump:  23 0A 45 56 41 
   File Extensions EVD  Grand Theft Auto IV vehicle extended data
   File Extensions EXT  Microsoft Visual Studio project extended properties
   File Extensions EXT2  Linux second extended file system
   DotWhat EXT2  Second extended file system
   DotWhat EXT3  Third extended file system
   DotWhat EXT32  Second extended filesystem specification
   File Extensions EXT4  Fourth extended filesystem
   File Extensions FL3  Adobe Photoshop Extended Flash 3D object
   FILExt GEN  Daqarta Extended Audio Data (Interstellar Research)
   File Extensions GEN  Daqarta extended audio data
   TrID HFS  HFS+ / Mac OS Extended disk image (HFSX)
 Header Hexdump:   
   TrID HFS  HFS+ / Mac OS Extended disk image
 Header Hexdump:   
   DotWhat HTX  Extended HTML Template
   FILExt HTX  Extended Hypertext Template
   File Extensions II  IconWorkshop extended information data
   DotWhat II  IconWorkshop Extended Information File
   FileInfo II  IconWorkshop Extended Information File
   TrID IMG  eXtended Density Format disk image
 Header Hexdump:  EB 4F 90 
   TrID IMG  Extended GEM bitmap
 Header Hexdump:  00 01 
   TrID INP  MAME Input (Extended Header)
 Header Hexdump:  58 49 4E 50 
   FILExt JAW  IchiTaro Web Japanese Extended WordProcessor (Justsystem Corporation)
   TrID JPF  JPEG 2000 eXtended bitmap
 Header Hexdump:  00 00 00 0C 6A 50 20 20 0D 0A 87 0A 
   File Extensions JPF  JPEG 2000 extended image format (ISO 15444-2)
   TrID JPX  JPEG 2000 eXtended bitmap
 Header Hexdump:  00 00 00 0C 6A 50 20 20 0D 0A 87 0A 
   File Extensions JPX  JPEG 2000 extended image format (ISO 15444-2)
   FILExt JXT  Daqarta Extended Audio Data (Interstellar Research)
   FILExt LBL  Daqarta Extended Audio Data (Interstellar Research)
   File Extensions LBL  Daqarta extended audio data
   TrID M3U  Extended M3U playlist (UTF-8)
 Header Hexdump:  EF BB BF 23 
   TrID M3U  Extended M3U playlist
 Header Hexdump:  23 
   TrID M3U8  Extended M3U playlist (UTF-8)
 Header Hexdump:  EF BB BF 23 
   FILExt MAC  Daqarta Extended Audio Data (Interstellar Research)
   File Extensions MAC  Daqarta extended audio data file
   TrID MDAT  The Final Musicsystem eXtended module (pattern)
 Header Hexdump:  54 46 4D 58 
   File Extensions MDLE  Motion Description Language Extended data
   FileInfo MDX  Extended Media Descriptor File
   File Extensions MDX  Media Data eXtended image
   File Extensions MWAV  Extended WAV data
   FileInfo NDB  ClamAV Extended Signature File
   TrID NSFE  Extended Nintendo Sound Format chiptune
 Header Hexdump:  4E 53 46 45 
   TrID OXM  FastTracker 2 eXtended Module (Ogg compressed)
 Header Hexdump:  45 78 74 65 6E 64 65 64 20 
   File Extensions OXP  OmniRush eXtended package
   TrID OXP  OmniRush eXtended Package
 Header Hexdump:  3C 3F 78 6D 6C 20 76 65 72 73 69 6F 6E 3D 22 31  
   TrID PAL  RIFF Palette (Extended)
 Header Hexdump:  52 49 46 46 
   TrID PCAP  Extended TCPDUMP's style capture (big-endian)
 Header Hexdump:  A1 B2 CD 34 
   TrID PCAP  Extended TCPDUMP's style capture (little-endian)
 Header Hexdump:  34 CD B2 A1 
   File Extensions QPK  Qt Extended installable package
   FILExt RAX  Extended RAW Triangles
   TrID RLE  Golly Extended RLE
 Header Hexdump:  23 43 58 52 4C 45 20 50 6F 73 3D 
   FILExt SCC  Microsoft Extended Home Computer Bitmap
   FILExt SNX  Mirage Microdrive Snapshot Extended Version
   File Extensions SNX  Mirage Microdrive snapshot file extended version
   File Extensions SNX  ZX-32 snapshot extended
   TrID SPX  Spectrum 512 Extended bitmap
 Header Hexdump:  53 50 58 
   File Extensions TFMX  Final Musicsystem eXtended Amiga audio file
   Wikipedia USP  Printer font with USASCII extended character set - Adobe PageMaker
   FILExt USR  Daqarta Extended Audio Data (Interstellar Research)
   File Extensions USR  Daqarta extended audio data
   TrID VHDX  Virtual HD image eXtended
 Header Hexdump:  76 68 64 78 66 69 6C 65 
   File Extensions VPE  Adobe Photoshop Extended vanishing point
   TrID WFM  Tektronix TDS extended waveform data
 Header Hexdump:  4C 4C 57 46 31 20 23 
   TrID WFX  AIM Extended Wavefunction (with rem)
 Header Hexdump:  23 
   TrID WFX  AIM Extended Wavefunction
 Header Hexdump:  3C 54 69 74 6C 65 3E 0A 
   FILExt WXW  WiNRADiO Extended Wave File (WiNRADiO Communications)
   FILExt XA  Extended Architecture File
   TrID XAIML  eXtended Artificial Intelligence Markup Language
 Header Hexdump:  3C 3F 78 6D 6C 20 76 65 72 73 69 6F 6E 3D 22 31  
   Wikipedia XCK  Extended crack file (usually text)
   DotWhat XCK  Extended crack file
   FILExt XCK  Extended Crack File
   TrID XDF  eXtended Density Format disk image
 Header Hexdump:  EB 4F 90 
   DotWhat XDF  eXtended Density Format Image
   FILExt XDF  Extended Disk Format Image
   File Extensions XDF  Extended disk format image
   Wikipedia XDF  OS/2 extended disk format image - XDFCOPY.EXE
   FILExt XDF  ProWORX Nxt Extended Memory Data (Schneider Electric)
   File Extensions XDF  ProWORX Nxt extended memory data
   FileInfo XDI  WinArchiver Extended Disc Image File
   TrID XDI  WinArchiver Extended Disc Image
 Header Hexdump:  58 44 49 00 
   File Extensions XFD  Acu4GL extended description
   FILExt XFD  Acu4GL Extended File Description (Acucorp Inc.)
   DotWhat XFD  Acu4GL Extended File Description
   TrID XFD  Acu4GL/AcuCOBOL Extended File Descriptor
 Header Hexdump:  23 20 

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