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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   File Extensions ADL  Nova Logic game animation data batch listing file
   DotWhat B  Applause Batch list
   FILExt B  Applause Batch List
   TrID B  Applause II Batch (v2.0)
 Header Hexdump:  41 2D 54 20 41 70 70 6C 61 75 73 65 20 49 49 20  
   File Extensions B  IBM Lotus applause batch list
   File Extensions BAT  Batch file (executable)
   FILExt BAT  Batch Processing (Microsoft Corporation)
   FileInfo BAT  DOS Batch File
   Cryer BAT  MS-DOS batch file
   DotWhat BCH  Batch Process Object
   FILExt BCH  dBASE Application Generator Batch Process Object
   File Extensions BCH  dBASE batch process object
   File Extensions BCH  OS/2 CID batch start
   FileInfo BCP  Batch Compiler Preset File
   File Extensions BCP  Batch Compiler preset
   File Extensions BCS  Batch Compiler specification data
   FileInfo BCS  Batch Compiler Specification File
   FileInfo BCS  Sonic Foundry Batch Converter Script
   File Extensions BCS  Sony Sound Forge Batch Covnerter settings
   DotWhat BP2  AutoCAD Batch Plot File
   FileInfo BP2  AutoCAD Batch Plot File
   File Extensions BP2  AutoCAD batch plot list
   File Extensions BP3  AutoCAD batch plot data
   DotWhat BP3  AutoCAD Batch Plot File
   FileInfo BP3  AutoCAD Batch Plot File
   FILExt BPDX  Acrobat Batch PDX (Catalog) File (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
   FileInfo BPDX  Acrobat Batch PDX File
   File Extensions BPDX  Adobe Acrobat catalog batch PDX data
   FileInfo BPL  AutoCAD Batch Plot File
   FILExt BPL  AutoCAD R2000 Batch Plot List (Autodesk Inc.)
   File Extensions BPL  AutoCAD R2000 batch plot
   FILExt BPP  Taskmaster Batch Pilot Project (Datacap Inc.)
   FILExt BRS  Batchrun Batch File (Outer Technologies)
   File Extensions BRS  Batchrun batch
   File Extensions BT2  Batch Barcode Maker data
   FileInfo BTM  4DOS Batch File
   FILExt BTM  4DOS Batch To Memory Batch File
   File Extensions BTM  4DOS batch to memory batch
   DotWhat BTM  Batch file used by Norton Utilities
   Cryer BTM  Batch to memory file
   File Extensions BTP  Atari NeoDesk batch takes parameters
   FileInfo BWZ  WinImage Batch Configuration File
   FILExt BWZ  WinImage Batch Configuration File
   File Extensions BWZ  WinImage batch configuration
   FILExt CGF  ProWORX Nxt CODEGEN Batch File (Schneider Electric)
   FILExt CMD  OS/2 REXX Batch File
   File Extensions CMD  OS/2 REXX batch script
   FILExt CMM  CEnvi (ScriptEase:Desktop) Batch File
   DotWhat CMM  CEnvi Batch file
   TrID COM  TurboBat 16bit compiled batch (v3.x, unreg)
 Header Hexdump:  BA 31 01 B4 09 CD 21 06 B8 40 00 8E C0 B9 03 00  
   FILExt CTL  PDP-10 Batch Control File
   File Extensions CTL  PDP-10 batch file
   File Extensions DAB  AB SCIEX Analyst Software data acquisition batch data
   FILExt DCF  Taskmaster Batch Pilot Form (Datacap Inc.)
   File Extensions DCF  Taskmaster batch pilot form file
   DotWhat DEK  Eavesdropper Batch File
   DotWhat DII  Summation Batch Load File
   FileInfo DII  Summation Batch Load File
   File Extensions DO  Stata batch analysis data
   DotWhat DO  Stata Batch Analysis File
   FILExt DO  Stata Batch Analysis File
   File Extensions EBR  Availity electronic batch report data
   DotWhat ESH  Extended Shell Batch file
   FileInfo ESH  Extended Shell Batch File
   FILExt ESH  Extended Shell Batch File
   Cryer EZS  EZ-R Stats batch script file
   FileInfo EZS  EZ-R Stats Batch Script
   FILExt EZS  EZ-R Stats for Windows Batch Submit File (EZ-R Stats LLC)
   File Extensions EZS  EZ-R Stats for Windows batch submit
   File Extensions FARRUN  FAR HTML batch script
   File Extensions FBAT  FAR batch compile file
   FileInfo FVP  File Viewer Plus Batch Presets File
   File Extensions FXL  FaceFX batch script
   File Extensions GBA  GrabIt batch file
   DotWhat GBA  GrabIt Batch Files
   FILExt GBA  GrabIt Batch Files
   File Extensions JSF  Adobe Fireworks batch script
   DotWhat JSF  Macromedia Fireworks Batch Script
   FILExt JSF  Macromedia Fireworks Batch Script
   File Extensions KMD  ABSTAT for Windows batch data
   FILExt KMD  ABSTAT for Windows Batch File (AndersonBell Corp)
   DotWhat KMD  ABSTAT for Windows Batch File
   FILExt LOG  PDP-10 Batch Log File
   FILExt MBL  Multi-Batch Batch Listing (Engineering Graphics (nsw) pty. Ltd)
   File Extensions MBL  Multi-Batch batch listing file
   FILExt MFJ  MetaFont Job Batch Input
   File Extensions NAPJ  Navicat Premium batch job
   File Extensions NLL  newlook batch script
   File Extensions NLPJ  Navicat for SQlite batch job
   File Extensions NMPJ  Navicat for MariaDB batch job
   FILExt NNB  ANNI (Artificial Neural Network Investing) Batch File (Neural Science)
   File Extensions NNB  ANNI batch script
   File Extensions NOPJ  Navicat for Oracle batch job
   File Extensions NPJ  Navicat for MySQL batch job
   File Extensions NPPJ  Navicat for PostgreSQL batch job
   File Extensions NSPJ  Navicat for SQL Server batch job
   File Extensions OOK  Arachne batch script file
   FileInfo OOK  Arachne Batch Script
   FILExt P2KC  Mobile Phone Batch Instruction File
   FILExt PGM  Chromeleon Batch Program
   File Extensions PGM  Chromeleon batch program
   FILExt PKD  Turbo Pascal Compressed DOS Batch File (Borland Software Corporation)
   DotWhat PKD  Turbo Pascal Dos compressed Batch file
   File Extensions PKD  Turbo Pascal for DOS compressed batch data
   FILExt PQB  PowerQuest Batch File
   File Extensions PRS  Batch & Print Pro printer settings
   FILExt PTB  PubTach Batch Works Script
   FILExt PY  Oracle Batch Procedure
   File Extensions PY  Oracle Database batch procedure
   FILExt QBC  qDos Batch File (Q-Base Team)
   TrID QTX  Datacolor QTX format (batch)
 Header Hexdump:  5B 42 41 54 43 48 5F 44 41 54 41 
   FileInfo RPJ  Real Pac Batch Job File
   Wikipedia RUN  PC Tools for Windows batch file - PC Tools
   FILExt SBT  SYNETSIM Batch File
   Wikipedia SOU  Temporary BATCH file - RT-11
   FILExt TBF  MicroImages Print Job Batch File (MicroImages Inc.)
   FILExt TRX  Emerald PC Authorize Batch Transaction File
   FileInfo TRX  WebAuthorize Batch File
   FileInfo TVC  Turbo View & Convert Batch Presets File
   File Extensions TVC  Turbo View & Convert batch presets
   File Extensions UCB  Unstoppable Copier batch scirpt
   DotWhat WBF  Batch file
   Wikipedia WBF  Microsoft Windows Batch File - Catch
   File Extensions WBF  Microsoft Windows batch file
   FILExt WBF  Windows Batch File
   DotWhat WBT  Batch file
   Wikipedia WBT  Wilsonware Batch file - Winbatch
   TrID WXM  wxMaxima batch (v1)
 Header Hexdump:  2F 2A 20 5B 77 78 4D 61 78 69 6D 61 20 62 61 74  
   DotWhat ZDR  Batch Ziff
   File Extensions ZDR  Ziff Davis WinBench PC benchmark batch file

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