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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   File Extensions ANIMATIONS  Stardock SkinStudio data
   FILExt BOOTSCREEN  BootSkins New Boot Screen (Stardock Corporation)
   FILExt BOOTSKIN  BootSkin Windows Boot Skin (Stardock Corporation Inc.)
   DotWhat BOOTSKIN  Stardock Bootskin File
   FileInfo BOOTSKIN  Stardock Bootskin File
   FILExt CUREXSCHEME  CursorXP Theme (Stardock Corporation Inc.)
   FILExt CURXPTHEME  CursorXP Theme (Stardock Corporation Inc.)
   FILExt DESKTOP  DesktopX Theme (Stardock Corporation Inc.)
   FILExt DOCKLET  ObjectDock Docklet (Stardock Corporation)
   FILExt DOCKPACK  ObjectDock Theme Pak (Stardock Corporation)
   File Extensions DOCKPACK  Stardock ObjectDock theme
   FILExt DOCKTHEME  ObjectDock Theme (Stardock Corporation)
   File Extensions DOCKTHEME  Stardock ObjectDock theme
   FILExt DOCKZIP  ObjectDock Background (Stardock Corporation)
   File Extensions DOCKZIP  Stardock ObjectDock data
   FILExt DOCZIP  Stardock Archive Format (Stardock Corporation)
   TrID DREAM  Stardock's DeskScapes animated wallpaper
 Header Hexdump:  0C 00 00 00 53 44 5C 44 72 65 61 6D 5C 30 36 00  
   FILExt DXPACK  DesktopX Object Package (Stardock Corporation Inc.)
   FILExt DXPACKPRO  DesktopX Pro Document Package (Stardock Corporation Inc.)
   FILExt DXTHEME  DesktopX Theme (Stardock Corporation Inc.)
   FILExt DXTHEMEPRO  DesktopX Pro Theme (Stardock Corporation Inc.)
   FILExt IP  IconPackager Theme (Stardock Corporation)
   FILExt IPTHEME  IconPackager Icon Theme Package (Stardock Corporation Inc.)
   FILExt LOGONVISTA  LogonStudio Vista Logon Image (Stardock Corporation Inc.)
   File Extensions LOGONVISTA  Stardock LogonStudio logon screen
   FILExt LOGONXP  LogonStudio Document (Stardock Corporation Inc.)
   File Extensions MYCOLORS  Stardock MyColors data
   FileInfo MYCOLORS  Stardock MyColors Theme File
   FILExt OBPACK  ObjectBar Object Package (Stardock Corporation Inc.)
   FILExt OBSKIN  ObjectBar Skin File (Stardock Corporation Inc.)
   FILExt OBTHEME  ObjectBar Theme File (Stardock Corporation Inc.)
   FILExt ODOCK  ObjectDock Theme (Stardock Corporation)
   File Extensions SDC  Stardock Central download archive file
   File Extensions SOUNDPACK  Stardock SoundPackager sound package
   File Extensions SSD  Stardock WindowBlinds skin file list
   File Extensions SUITE  Stardock WinStyles suite
   FILExt SUITE  Winstyles Suite (Stardock Corporation Inc.)
   TrID TILESKINZIP  Stardock Tiles Skin
 Header Hexdump:  50 4B 03 04 
   File Extensions TOOLBARICONS  Stardock WindowBlinds SkinStudio data
   File Extensions USZ  Stardock WindowBlinds SkinStudio data
   FILExt WB4  WindowBlinds Default Skins (Stardock Corporation Inc.)
   FILExt WBA  WindowBlinds Compressed Skin (Stardock Corporation Inc.)
   FILExt XPTHEME  Winstyles Theme (Stardock Corporation Inc.)

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