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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   File Extensions CSF  Brava Reader content sealed (document)
   FILExt CSF  Brava Reader Content Sealed Format (Informative Graphics Corp)
   FileInfo CSF  Content Sealed Format
   TrID CSF  Content Sealed Format
 Header Hexdump:  6C 00 00 00 49 6E 66 6F 72 6D 61 74 69 76 65 20  
   FILExt S11  Sealed MPEG-1 Video (SealedMedia)
   File Extensions S11  Sealed MPEG-1 video
   FILExt S14  Sealed MPEG-4 Video (SealedMedia)
   FILExt S1A  Sealed Acrobat Document (SealedMedia)
   FILExt S1E  Sealed Excel Worksheet (SealedMedia)
   FILExt S1G  Sealed GIF Image (SealedMedia)
   FILExt S1H  Sealed HTML Document (SealedMedia)
   File Extensions S1J  Sealed file
   FILExt S1J  Sealed JPEG Image (SealedMedia)
   FILExt S1M  Sealed MP3 Audio (SealedMedia)
   FILExt S1N  Sealed PNG Graphic (SealedMedia)
   FILExt S1P  Sealed PowerPoint Presentation (SealedMedia)
   FILExt S1Q  Sealed QuickTime Movie (SealedMedia)
   FILExt S1W  Sealed Word Document (SealedMedia)
   FILExt S3D  Sealed CAD File (SealedMedia)
   FILExt S3DF  Sealed CAD File (SealedMedia)
   File Extensions SCS  Oracle sealed CSF data
   FILExt SCS  Sealed CSF File (SealedMedia)
   FILExt SCSF  Sealed CSF File (SealedMedia)
   FILExt SDO  Sealed Word Document (SealedMedia)
   File Extensions SDOC  Microsoft Word sealed document
   FILExt SDOC  Sealed Word File (SealedMedia)
   FILExt SDOT  Sealed Word Template (SealedMedia)
   FILExt SEM  Sealed E-mail (SealedMedia)
   File Extensions SEM  Sealed e-mail file
   FILExt SEML  Sealed E-mail (SealedMedia)
   FILExt SGI  Sealed GIF Image (SealedMedia)
   File Extensions SGI  Sealed GIF image
   FILExt SGIF  Sealed GIF File (SealedMedia)
   FILExt SJP  Sealed JPEG Image (SealedMedia)
   FILExt SJPG  Sealed JPEG File (SealedMedia)
   File Extensions SJPG  Sealed JPG data
   FILExt SMH  Sealed MHT Document (SealedMedia)
   File Extensions SMH  Sealed MHT document
   FILExt SMHT  Sealed MHT Archive (SealedMedia)
   File Extensions SMHT  Sealed MHT archive
   FILExt SMO  Sealed QuickTime Movie (SealedMedia)
   FILExt SMOV  Sealed QuickTime Movie File (SealedMedia)
   FILExt SMP3  Sealed MP3 File (SealedMedia)
   FILExt SMPEG  Sealed MPEG Movie (SealedMedia)
   FILExt SMPG  Sealed MPG Movie (SealedMedia)
   File Extensions SMPG  Sealed MPG movie
   FILExt SPD  Sealed Acrobat Document (SealedMedia)
   File Extensions SPD  Sealed Acrobat document
   File Extensions SPDF  Sealed PDF document
   FILExt SPDF  Sealed PDF File (SealedMedia)
   FileInfo SPDF  Sealed PDF File
   DotWhat SPDF  Sealed PDF
   FILExt SPN  Sealed PNG Graphic (SealedMedia)
   File Extensions SPN  Sealed PNG graphic
   FILExt SPNG  Sealed PNG Graphic (SealedMedia)
   FILExt SPOT  Sealed PowerPoint Template (SealedMedia)
   FILExt SPP  Sealed PowerPoint Presentation (SealedMedia)
   File Extensions SPP  Sealed PowerPoint presentation
   File Extensions SPPT  Sealed Microsoft PowerPoint presentation
   FILExt SPPT  Sealed PowerPoint File (SealedMedia)
   File Extensions SSW  Sealed Flash data
   FILExt SSW  Sealed Flash File (SealedMedia)
   FILExt SSWF  Sealed Flash File (SealedMedia)
   File Extensions SSWF  Sealed SWF flash data
   FILExt STI  Sealed TIFF File (SealedMedia)
   File Extensions STI  Sealed TIFF file
   FILExt STIF  Sealed TIFF File (SealedMedia)
   FILExt STM  Sealed HTML Document (SealedMedia)
   File Extensions STM  Sealed HTML document
   FILExt STML  Sealed HTML File (SealedMedia)
   File Extensions STXT  Sealed text document
   FILExt SXL  Sealed Excel Worksheet (SealedMedia)
   File Extensions SXL  Sealed Excel worksheet file
   FILExt SXLS  Sealed Excel File (SealedMedia)
   File Extensions SXLS  Sealed Excel spreadsheet
   File Extensions SXLSX  Sealed Microsoft Excel 2007 worksheet
   FILExt SXLT  Sealed Excel Template (SealedMedia)
   FILExt SXM  Sealed XML Document (SealedMedia)
   File Extensions SXM  Sealed XML document file
   FILExt SXML  Sealed XML Document (SealedMedia)
   File Extensions SXML  Sealed XML document

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