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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   TrID A01  Origin Systems's setup Archive
 Header Hexdump:  28 43 29 20 31 39 39 
   File Extensions ARCHCFG  F.E.A.R. 2 Project Origin configuration file
   FILExt C  Origin C Program File (OriginLab Corporation)
   File Extensions C  Origin C program
   TrID CHK  ORIGIN System Checksum (v3.0)
 Header Hexdump:  43 48 45 43 4B 53 55 4D 20 33 32 20 42 49 54 53  
   File Extensions CNF  Origin configuration
   File Extensions CUV  Origin sample curve data
   FILExt FDF  Origin Fitting Function Definition File (OriginLab Corporation)
   FileInfo FDF  Origin Fitting Function Definition File
   TrID FDF  Origin Fitting Function Definition File
 Header Hexdump:  5B 47 
   File Extensions FDF  Origin fitting function definition
   File Extensions FILE_CRCS  Electronic Arts Origin client data
   TrID IFF  ORIGIN Systems IFF palette
 Header Hexdump:  46 4F 52 4D 
   File Extensions M  Origin AdLib music format
   File Extensions MFT  Origin game update package manifest
   FILExt O  Origin C Compiled Program File (OriginLab Corporation)
   FILExt OCB  Origin Precompiled Origin C File (OriginLab Corporation)
   File Extensions OCB  Origin precompiled Origin C source code
   File Extensions ODT  Origin dialog theme data
   FileInfo ODT  Origin Dialog Theme
   FileInfo OFP  Origin Function Plot Theme File
   TrID OFP  Origin Function Plot
 Header Hexdump:  3C 3F 78 6D 6C 20 76 65 72 73 69 6F 6E 3D 22 31  
   FileInfo OGG  Origin Graph File
   FILExt OGG  Origin Graphic File (OriginLab Corporation)
   File Extensions OGG  Origin graphic file
   FileInfo OGGU  Origin Unicode Graph File
   File Extensions OGM  Origin matrix data
   FILExt OGM  Origin Matrix File (OriginLab Corporation)
   DotWhat OGM  Origin Matrix File
   FileInfo OGM  Origin Matrix File
   FileInfo OGMU  Origin Unicode Matrix File
   File Extensions OGO  Origin graphic object
   FILExt OGO  Origin Pro Graphic Object File (OriginLab Corporation)
   DotWhat OGS  Origin LabTalk Script File
   FileInfo OGS  Origin LabTalk Script File
   FILExt OGS  Origin Script File (OriginLab Corporation)
   File Extensions OGS  Origin script
   FileInfo OGW  Origin Workbook File
   FILExt OGW  Origin Worksheet File (OriginLab Corporation)
   FileInfo OGWU  Origin Unicode Workbook File
   FileInfo OIF  Origin Import Filter File
   FileInfo OIS  Origin Analyses Theme File
   File Extensions OMC  Origin customized menu data
   File Extensions OP  Origin preprocessed data
   FILExt OP  Origin Preprocessed Origin C File (OriginLab Corporation)
   Wikipedia OPJ  Origin Project File - Origin version 4.1 and later
   FILExt OPJ  Origin Project File (OriginLab Corporation)
   FileInfo OPJ  Origin Project
   File Extensions OPJ  Origin project
   TrID OPJ  Origin Project
 Header Hexdump:  43 50 59 41 20 
   TrID OPJU  Origin Project (Unicode compliant)
 Header Hexdump:  43 50 59 55 41 20 
   FileInfo OPJU  Origin Unicode Project
   FILExt OPK  Origin Origin Pack File (OriginLab Corporation)
   TrID OPK  Origin Pack game data archive
 Header Hexdump:  4F 50 4B 00 
   File Extensions OPK  Origin pack
   File Extensions OPX  Origin package data
   File Extensions ORG  Microcal Origin plot data
   FILExt ORG  Microcal Origin Plot
   Wikipedia ORG  Older Origin Project - Origin versions 4 or earlier
   FILExt ORG  Origin File (OriginLab Corporation)
   FILExt OTH  Origin Graph Properties File (OriginLab Corporation)
   File Extensions OTH  Origin graph properties file
   FileInfo OTH  Origin Graph Theme File
   FILExt OTM  Origin Matrix Template File (OriginLab Corporation)
   FileInfo OTM  Origin Matrix Template
   FileInfo OTMU  Origin Unicode Matrix Template
   DotWhat OTP  Origin File
   FileInfo OTP  Origin Graph Template
   FILExt OTP  Origin Graphic Template File (OriginLab Corporation)
   File Extensions OTP  Origin graphic template
   FileInfo OTPU  Origin Unicode Graph Template
   FileInfo OTW  Origin Workbook Template
   FILExt OTW  Origin Worksheet Template File (OriginLab Corporation)
   File Extensions OTW  Origin worksheet template
   FileInfo OTWU  Origin Unicode Workbook Template
   File Extensions PAR  Origin Client data
   File Extensions XFC  Origin compiled x-function

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