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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   File Extensions AGD1  Adobe FreeHand for Mac drawing
   DotWhat AGD1  Freehand 5
   DotWhat AGD1  Freehand 5
   File Extensions AGD2  Adobe FreeHand 7 for Mac data
   DotWhat AGD2  Freehand 7 File
   File Extensions AGX1  Adobe FreeHand for Mac plug-in
   DotWhat AGX1  Freehand Plug
   File Extensions ARTF  Adobe FreeHand xtra data
   DotWhat ARTF  Freehand Xtra
   TrID DAT  Freehand 11 Project
 Header Hexdump:  1C 01 00 00 02 00 04 1C 01 14 00 02 00 14 1C 01  
   TrID FH*  Freehand (MX) Project (generic)
 Header Hexdump:  1C 01 00 00 02 00 04 1C 01 14 00 02 00 14 1C 01  
   File Extensions FH  Adobe FreeHand image
   FILExt FH  Freehand Graphic (Macromedia)
   DotWhat FH  Macromedia Freehand Document
   FILExt FH  MusicPad Pro Score File (FreeHand Systems Inc.)
   File Extensions FH10  Adobe FreeHand 10 drawing
   FileInfo FH10  FreeHand 10 Drawing File
   TrID FH10  Freehand 10(MX) Project
 Header Hexdump:  1C 01 00 00 02 00 04 1C 01 14 00 02 00 14 1C 01  
   FILExt FH10  Freehand Ver. 10 File (Macromedia)
   DotWhat FH11  Adobe Freehand 11 Drawing
   File Extensions FH11  Adobe FreeHand 11 drawing
   FileInfo FH11  FreeHand 11 Drawing File
   TrID FH11  Freehand 11 Project
 Header Hexdump:  1C 01 00 00 02 00 04 1C 01 14 00 02 00 14 1C 01  
   File Extensions FH12  Adobe FreeHand drawing
   File Extensions FH2  Adobe FreeHand drawing
   File Extensions FH3  Adobe FreeHand drawing
   DotWhat FH3  Aldus Freehand 3 drawing
   FileInfo FH3  FreeHand 3 Drawing File
   TrID FH3  Freehand drawing (v3)
 Header Hexdump:  46 48 33 31 
   FILExt FH3  Freehand Ver. 3 Drawing (Macromedia)
   Wikipedia FH3  Vector graphics - Aldus FreeHand 3.x
   File Extensions FH4  Adobe FreeHand drawing
   DotWhat FH4  Aldus Freehand 4 drawing
   FileInfo FH4  FreeHand 4 Drawing File
   FILExt FH4  Freehand Ver. 4 Drawing (Macromedia)
   Wikipedia FH4  Vector graphics - Aldus FreeHand 3.x
   File Extensions FH40  Adobe FreeHand for Mac file
   DotWhat FH40  FreeHand
   File Extensions FH5  Adobe FreeHand drawing
   FILExt FH5  Freehand 5 (Macromedia)
   FileInfo FH5  FreeHand 5 Drawing File
   DotWhat FH5  FreeHand
   DotWhat FH5  Macromedia FreeHand
   File Extensions FH50  Adobe Freehand creator code
   DotWhat FH50  Freehand 5 file
   File Extensions FH6  Adobe FreeHand drawing
   FILExt FH6  Freehand 6 (Macromedia)
   FileInfo FH6  FreeHand 6 Drawing File
   File Extensions FH7  Adobe FreeHand 7 drawing
   FILExt FH7  Freehand 7 (Macromedia)
   FileInfo FH7  FreeHand 7 Drawing File
   DotWhat FH7  Macromedia FreeHand
   File Extensions FH8  Adobe FreeHand 8 drawing
   DotWhat FH8  FreeHand
   FILExt FH8  Freehand 8 (Macromedia)
   FileInfo FH8  FreeHand 8 Drawing File
   File Extensions FH9  Adobe FreeHand 9 drawing
   FILExt FH9  Freehand 9 (Macromedia)
   FileInfo FH9  FreeHand 9 Drawing File
   DotWhat FH9  Macromedia Freehand 9 graphic file
   File Extensions FHA3  Adobe Freehand for Mac file
   DotWhat FHA3  FreeHand
   File Extensions FHC  Adobe FreeHand data
   FILExt FHC  Freehand (Macromedia)
   File Extensions FHD  Adobe FreeHand vector drawing
   DotWhat FHD  FreeHand Drawing File
   FileInfo FHD  FreeHand Drawing File
   File Extensions FHD3  ADobe FreeHand data
   DotWhat FHD3  Freehand 3 file
   DotWhat FHD3  FreeHand 3 Graphic
   FILExt FHP  MusicPad Pro Playlist File (FreeHand Systems Inc.)
   File Extensions FT10  Adobe FreeHand 10 template
   FileInfo FT10  FreeHand 10 Drawing Template
   File Extensions FT11  Adobe FreeHand 11 template file
   FileInfo FT11  FreeHand 11 Drawing Template
   File Extensions FT3  Adobe Freehand 3 template
   File Extensions FT7  Adobe Freehand 7 template file
   FileInfo FT7  FreeHand 7 Drawing Template
   DotWhat FT7  FreeHand 7 Template
   FILExt FT7  Macromedia Freehand Drawing
   File Extensions FT8  Adobe FreeHand 8 template file
   DotWhat FT8  FreeHand 8 Template
   FileInfo FT8  FreeHand 8 Template
   FILExt FT8  Macromedia Freehand Drawing
   File Extensions FT9  Adobe FreeHand 9 template file
   FileInfo FT9  FreeHand 9 Drawing Template
   FILExt FT9  Macromedia Freehand Drawing

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