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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   FILExt 1  Pro/ENGINEER Backup File (PTC)
   File Extensions 1  Pro/ENGINEER backup file
   File Extensions 17  Pro/Engineer WildFire data
   File Extensions 254  Pro/Engineer versioned data
   File Extensions 787  Pro/Engineer WildFire data
   File Extensions 822  Pro/Engineer WildFire data
   File Extensions ALS  Pro/ENGINEER temporary data
   FILExt ALS  Pro/ENGINEER Temporary File (PTC)
   File Extensions APM  Pro/ENGINEER configuration data
   Cryer ASM  Pro ENGINEER assembly file
   File Extensions ASM  Pro/ENGINEER assembly data
   FILExt ASM  Pro/ENGINEER Assembly File (PTC)
   FILExt BDE  Pro/ENGINEER Temporary File (PTC)
   File Extensions BDE  Pro/ENGINEER temporary
   File Extensions BDI  Pro/ENGINEER temporary data
   FILExt BDI  Pro/ENGINEER Temporary File (PTC)
   File Extensions BDM  Pro/ENGINEER temporary data
   FILExt BDM  Pro/ENGINEER Temporary File (PTC)
   File Extensions BMB  Pro/ENGINEER temporary data
   FILExt BMB  Pro/ENGINEER Temporary File (PTC)
   FILExt BOM  Pro/ENGINEER Temporary File (PTC)
   File Extensions BOM  Pro/ENGINEER temporary file
   File Extensions CACHE2  Pro/Engineer data
   FILExt CFG  Pro/ENGINEER Configuration (PTC)
   FILExt CRC  Pro/ENGINEER Temporary File (PTC)
   File Extensions CRC  Pro/ENGINEER temporary
   File Extensions DRM  Pro/ENGINEER data
   FILExt DRW  Pro/ENGINEER Drawing (PTC)
   TrID DRW  Pro/ENGINEER drawing file
 Header Hexdump:  23 55 47 43 3A 32 20 44 52 41 57 49 4E 47 20 
   File Extensions DTL  Pro/ENGINEER data
   FILExt DWG  Pro/ENGINEER Drawing (PTC)
   File Extensions EMN  Pro/ENGINEER ECAD IDF data
   File Extensions EMP  Pro/ENGINEER import ECAD data
   FILExt ERS  Pro/ENGINEER Temporary File (PTC)
   File Extensions ERS  Pro/ENGINEER temporary file
   File Extensions FMR  Pro/ENGINEER data
   File Extensions FMT  Pro/ENGINEER data
   FILExt GER  Pro/ENGINEER Temporary File (PTC)
   File Extensions GER  Pro/ENGINEER temporary
   File Extensions GPH  Pro/ENGINEER data
   FILExt IDX  Pro/ENGINEER Index File (PTC)
   File Extensions INF  Pro/ENGINEER temporary data
   FILExt INF  Pro/ENGINEER Temporary File (PTC)
   File Extensions LAY  Pro/ENGINEER layout
   File Extensions LGH  Pro/ENGINEER data
   File Extensions LST  Pro/ENGINEER temporary data
   FILExt LST  Pro/ENGINEER Temporary File (PTC)
   File Extensions M_P  Pro/ENGINEER temporary data
   FILExt M_P  Pro/ENGINEER Temporary File (PTC)
   File Extensions MAP  Pro/ENGINEER data
   FILExt MAT  Pro/ENGINEER Material Properties File (PTC)
   File Extensions MAT  Pro/ENGINEER material properties file
   File Extensions MCS  Pro/Engineer ModelCheck start configuration
   File Extensions MDB  Pro/Engineer Mechanica file
   FILExt MEMB  Pro/ENGINEER Temporary File (PTC)
   File Extensions MEMB  Pro/ENGINEER temporary file
   File Extensions MFG  Pro/Engineer manufacturing data
   FILExt MKR  McCullough Knowledge Explorer Knowledge Representation (Richard H. McCullough Knowledge Engineer)
   File Extensions NEU  Pro/Engineer neutral data
   Wikipedia NEU  Pro/Engineer neutral file format - PTC Pro/Engineer
   FileInfo NEU  Pro/ENGINEER Neutral File
   File Extensions OUT  Pro/ENGINEER temporary data
   FILExt OUT  Pro/ENGINEER Temporary File (PTC)
   File Extensions PART  PTC Pro/Engineer CAD part
   File Extensions PCF  Pro/ENGINEER data
   File Extensions PLS  Pro/ENGINEER temporary data
   FILExt PLS  Pro/ENGINEER Temporary File (PTC)
   FILExt PNT  Pro/ENGINEER Pen Table Plot (PTC)
   File Extensions PNT  Pro/Engineer pen table plotting data
   Cryer PRO  ENGINEER configuration file
   FILExt PRO  Pro/ENGINEER Configuration (PTC)
   Cryer PRT  Pro ENGINEER part file
   FILExt PRT  Pro/ENGINEER Model File (PTC)
   FILExt PRT  Pro/ENGINEER Parts File (PTC)
   TrID PRT  Pro/ENGINEER parts file
 Header Hexdump:  23 55 47 43 3A 32 20 50 41 52 54 20 31 
   File Extensions PTB  Pro/Engineer table
   File Extensions PTD  Pro/ENGINEER exported table
   FILExt PTD  Pro/ENGINEER Temporary File (PTC)
   File Extensions REF  Pro/ENGINEER temporary data
   FILExt REF  Pro/ENGINEER Temporary File (PTC)
   FILExt RRF  Registry Engineer Registry Backup (ArcaneWooD software)
   File Extensions SCL  Pro/ENGINEER data
   FILExt SEC  Pro/ENGINEER Sketch (PTC)
   File Extensions SEC  Pro/ENGINEER sketch
   File Extensions SLP  Pro/ENGINEER rendering data
   FILExt SLP  Pro/ENGINEER Rendering File (PTC)
   FILExt SUP  Pro/ENGINEER Master Configuration File (PTC)
   File Extensions SUP  Pro/ENGINEER master configuration file
   File Extensions THR  Pro/ENGINEER data
   File Extensions TST  Pro/ENGINEER temporary data
   FILExt TST  Pro/ENGINEER Temporary File (PTC)
   Cryer WIN  ENGINEER file
   File Extensions WIN  Pro/ENGINEER data
   FileInfo XAS  Pro/ENGINEER Assembly Instance Accelerator File
   File Extensions XAS  PTC Pro/Engineer assembly data
   FileInfo XPR  Pro/ENGINEER Part Instance Accelerator File
   File Extensions XPR  PTC Pro/ENGINEER part data

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