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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   FILExt ___FPE  Folder Password Expert Protected Folder (ZQS Software Team)
   File Extensions ___FPE  Folder Password Expert protected folder
   FILExt 000  CHKDSK Found Folder
   File Extensions 000  CHKDSK found folder
   TrID APFOLDER  Aperture Folder
 Header Hexdump:  62 70 6C 69 73 74 30 30 DF 10 
   File Extensions BACKUPDB  Apple Time Machine backup folder
   DotWhat BACKUPDB  Time Machine Backup Folder
   FileInfo BACKUPDB  Time Machine Backup Folder
   FILExt BAM  Panda3D Game Engine Compressed Model Folder (Panda3D Development Team)
   Cryer C4F  Clonk scenario folder file
   FILExt CNR  Pegasus Mail Mail Message in Systemwide Folder (David Harris)
   File Extensions CNR  Pegasus Mail mail message stored in Systemwide folder
   TrID DAT  Mozilla Mail folder cache
 Header Hexdump:  2F 2F 20 3C 21 2D 2D 20 3C 6D 64 62 3A 6D 6F 72  
   File Extensions DBX  Microsoft Outlook Express e-mail folder
   FILExt DBX  Outlook Express E-mail Folder (Microsoft Corporation)
   FileInfo DBX  Outlook Express E-mail Folder
   FILExt DIRECTORY  KDE Folder Parameters (KDE e.V.)
   FileInfo DIRECTORY  KDE Folder View Properties File
   DotWhat DIRECTORY  KDE Folder View Properties
   File Extensions DIRECTORY  KDE folder view properties
   FileInfo DOLPHINVIEW  Dolphin Folder View Settings File
   DotWhat DOLPHINVIEW  Dolphin Folder View Settings
   File Extensions DOLPHINVIEW  Dolphin for KDE folder view settings
   File Extensions DROPBOX  Dropbox shared folder
   DotWhat DS_STORE  Apple Mac OS X Folder Display Settings File
   Cryer DS_STORE  Mac OS X file describing the appearance of a folder
   TrID DS_STORE  Mac OS X folder information
 Header Hexdump:  00 00 00 01 42 75 64 31 00 00 
   FileInfo DS_STORE  Mac OS X Folder Settings File
   FILExt DS_STORE  Macintosh OSX Folder Information (Apple Inc.)
   File Extensions DS_STORE  macOS folder information
   File Extensions ECAB  EGT compressed folder
   FILExt ENP  Entelligence Media Security Encrypted File/Folder (Entrust)
   File Extensions ENZIP  EGT compressed folder
   FileInfo EVENT  Corel Cataloged Folder File
   DotWhat FAET  Shared Folder Alias
   File Extensions FDRP  Apple macOS (OS X) folder alias
   DotWhat FDRP  Folder Alias
   DotWhat FGA  Folder Guard Attributes
   FILExt FGA  Folder Guard Attributes
   File Extensions FGA  Folder Guard attributes
   File Extensions FGD  Folder Guard data file
   FILExt FGD  Folder Guard Data
   File Extensions FGP  Folder Guard passwords data
   DotWhat FGP  Folder Guard Passwords File
   FILExt FGP  Folder Guard Passwords File
   TrID FHF  Cleanersoft Free Hide Folder data
 Header Hexdump:  46 72 65 65 20 48 69 64 65 20 46 6F 6C 64 65 72  
   FileInfo FHF  Free Hide Folder Backup File
   FILExt FHF  Free Hide Folder Data (
   File Extensions FHF  Free Hide Folder data
   FILExt FLB  VersaPro Folder Backup
   File Extensions FLB  VersaPro folder backup
   FILExt FLD  Charisma Folder
   File Extensions FLD  Charisma folder
   DotWhat FLD  File folder
   Wikipedia FLD  Folder - Charisma
   FILExt FLD  Hijaak Thumbnail Folder
   File Extensions FLD  Hijaak thumbnail folder
   File Extensions FLD  VersaPro folder contents file
   FILExt FLD  VersaPro Folder Contents
   File Extensions FLK  Folder Lock encrypted data
   FileInfo FLK  Folder Lock File
   File Extensions FLKA  Folder Lock encrypted portable folder
   FileInfo FLKA  Folder Lock Portable Locker File
   FileInfo FLKB  Folder Lock Basic Locker File
   File Extensions FLKB  Folder Lock encrypted folder
   File Extensions FLKW  Folder Lock encrypted file
   FileInfo FLWA  Folder Lock Wallet File
   File Extensions FLWA  Folder Lock wallet
   FILExt FLX  The Bat! Folder Configuration (RITLABS)
   File Extensions FLX  The Bat! folder configuration file
   FILExt FOCF  Folder Organizer Folder Organizer Configuration File (H-SW)
   FILExt FOL  1st Reader Saved Message Folder
   Wikipedia FOL  Folder of saved messages - 1st Reader
   File Extensions FOL  Microsoft Windows Mail folder
   DotWhat FOL  Saved message folder
   DotWhat FOLD  Open Folder List
   File Extensions FOLDER.METADATA  Portal Structure Markup Language folder data
   FILExt FOLDER  Explorer Folder (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions FOLDER  Microsoft Windows Explorer folder data
   DotWhat FOLDER  MS Explorer Folder
   File Extensions FPBF  Apple Finder burnable backup folder
   DotWhat FPBF  Mac OS X Burn Folder
   FileInfo FPBF  Mac OS X Burn Folder
   FILExt FRG  FrogTeacher Folder Package File (FrogTrade)
   File Extensions FRG  FrogTeacher folder package
   TrID GW1  HomeBrew File Folder game data archive
 Header Hexdump:  48 6F 6D 65 42 72 65 77 20 46 69 6C 65 20 46 6F  
   TrID GW2  HomeBrew File Folder game data archive
 Header Hexdump:  48 6F 6D 65 42 72 65 77 20 46 69 6C 65 20 46 6F  
   TrID GW3  HomeBrew File Folder game data archive
 Header Hexdump:  48 6F 6D 65 42 72 65 77 20 46 69 6C 65 20 46 6F  
   Cryer HTT  Folder settings file
   FileInfo HYPERESOURCES  Hype Resources Folder
   DotWhat ICON  Folder Custom Icon
   FileInfo ICONSET  Mac OS X Icon Set Folder
   File Extensions KEEPSAFE  Keepsafe folder
   FILExt KEY  Keynote Presentation Wrapper Folder (Apple Inc.)
   File Extensions LINX  Apple iPod links folder
   DotWhat LINX  iPod Links Folder
   FileInfo LINX  iPod Links Folder
   DotWhat LPROJ  Localized Project Folder
   FileInfo LPROJ  Localized Project Folder
   File Extensions LPROJ  Mac localized project folder
   FILExt LPROJ  Mac OS X Localized Project Folder
   File Extensions LRWEBENGINE  Lightroom folder
   File Extensions MBSYNCSTATE  mbsync folder backup
   FILExt NCH  Outlook Express Folder File (Microsoft Corporation)
   DotWhat NCH  Outlook Express folder file
   FileInfo NCH  Outlook Express Folder File
   FileInfo NRF  Neat Document Folder File
   FileInfo NRX  Neat Receipt Folder File
   File Extensions OLK14FOLDER  Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac folder data
   File Extensions OPEF  OmniPass encrypted folder
   File Extensions OST  Microsoft Outlook inbox off-line folder
   FILExt OTH  Power Toys Other Folder Explorer Tool
   FILExt OTHERFOLDER  Power Toys Other Folder Explorer Tool
   FILExt PBO  Operation Flashpoint Game Mission Folder (Bohemia Interactive and The Codemasters Software Company Limited)
   File Extensions PBO  Operation Flashpoint game mission folder
   FILExt PBX  Outlook Express Message Folder
   File Extensions PBX  Outlook Express message folder
   Cryer PDE  PowerDesk encrypted file or folder
   File Extensions PEL  IBM Forms log folder
   FILExt PFO  Pismo File Mount Audit Package Private Folder (Pismo Technic Inc.)
   FileInfo PFO  Private Folder
   FILExt PM7  Pegasus Mail Folder State File (David Harris)
   File Extensions PM7  Pegasus Mail folder state
   FILExt PMG  Pegasus Mail Folder Index (David Harris)
   File Extensions PMG  Pegasus Mail folder index
   FILExt PMI  Pegasus Mail Message Folder Index File (David Harris)
   DotWhat PMI  Pegasus Mail Message Folder Index File
   File Extensions PMI  Pegasus Mail message folder index
   File Extensions PMM  Pegasus Mail mail message folder
   FILExt PMM  Pegasus Mail Message Folder (David Harris)
   TrID PST  Microsoft OutLook Personal Folder (ANSI)
 Header Hexdump:  21 42 44 4E 
   TrID PST  Microsoft OutLook Personal Folder (Unicode)
 Header Hexdump:  21 42 44 4E 
   DotWhat PST  Microsoft Outlook Personal Folder File
   FILExt PST  Outlook Personal Folder File (Microsoft Corporation)
   Cryer PST  Personal folder file (Microsoft Outlook)
   File Extensions RGE  Microsoft Outlook for Mac archive Entourage personal folder archive
   FILExt S2WDH  HP Share to Web Upload Folder Test Folder (Hewlett-Packard Development Company L.P.)
   File Extensions SAJ  Sage 50 folder
   DotWhat SC2CAMPAIGN  StarCraft 2 Campaign Folder
   FILExt SLF  SuperLink Folder Manager for Readers
   File Extensions SLT  Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird user profile folder
   FileInfo SLT  Mozilla User Profile Folder
   File Extensions SMTMP  Trojan:Win32/FakeSysdef folder
   File Extensions SNC  ACT! e-mail/folder synchronization data
   FILExt SNC  ACT! E-mail/Folder Synchronization File (Best Software CRM Division)
   DotWhat SNM  Netscape Folder Cache
   File Extensions SPARSEFS  BlueStacks data folder
   File Extensions TBN  XBMC folder thumnail cache
   FileInfo THUMBNAILS  Android Thumbnails Folder
   FILExt TMP  Temporary File/Folder

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