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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   File Extensions _XLS  Microsoft Excel workbook
   FileInfo _XLS  Renamed Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet
   FileInfo _XLSX  Renamed Microsoft Excel Open XML Spreadsheet
   File Extensions AMX  NGA WinControl Excel connection parameter
   FILExt AXLS  Authentica Secure Office Protected Excel Document (Authentica)
   FILExt DEX  Excel File
   DotWhat DEX  Excel Spreadsheet File
   WikiExt DEX  Excel Spreadsheet
   File Extensions DEX  Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file
   FILExt DIF  Excel Data Interchange Format (Microsoft Corporation)
   FILExt DQY  Excel ODBC Query File (Microsoft Corporation)
   DotWhat DQY  Excel ODBC Query File
   FileInfo DQY  Excel Query File
   WikiExt DQY  Excel Query File
   File Extensions DQY  Microsoft Excel ODBC query
   File Extensions EXCEL  Microsoft Excel file
   File Extensions FMP  Microsoft Excel for Mac document file
   File Extensions IGY  Microsoft Excel web query data
   FILExt IQY  Excel Web Query (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions IQY  Microsoft Excel Internet query
   Cryer LAB  Excel mailing labels file
   Wikipedia LAB  Mailing labels - Q E for Microsoft Excel
   DotWhat MCBN  Excel 4 Chart
   File Extensions MCBN  Microsoft Excel 4 for Mac Chart file
   File Extensions MTF  XLActuary Excel Add-in file
   FILExt OQY  Excel OLAP Query File (Microsoft Corporation)
   FileInfo OQY  Excel OLAP Query File
   WikiExt OQY  Excel OLAP Query File
   File Extensions OQY  Microsoft Excel OLAP query data
   DotWhat OQY  MS Excel OLAP Query File
   File Extensions PDE  ProntoDoc for Excel document template
   WikiExt PDE  ProntoDoc for Excel Document Template
   File Extensions PXD  Pocket Excel spreadsheet
   DotWhat PXL  Microsoft Pocket Excel Spreadsheet
   File Extensions PXL  Microsoft Pocket Excel spreadsheet
   FileInfo PXL  Pocket Excel File
   WikiExt PXL  Pocket Excel File
   TrID PXL  Pocket Excel sheet
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   FILExt PXL  Pocket Excel Worksheet (Microsoft Corporation)
   DotWhat PXT  Microsoft Pocket Excel Template File
   File Extensions PXT  Microsoft Pocket Excel template
   FILExt PXT  Pocket Excel Template (Microsoft Corporation)
   FILExt QEF  Excel Query (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions QEF  Microsoft Excel query file
   Wikipedia QEF  Query file - Q E for Microsoft Excel
   FILExt RQY  Excel OLE DB Query File (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions RQY  Microsoft Excel OLE DB query file
   DotWhat RQY  MS Excel OLE DB Query File
   FILExt S1E  Sealed Excel Worksheet (SealedMedia)
   File Extensions SILK  Microsoft Excel Symbolic Link format
   FILExt SKV  Microsoft Excel Semicolon Seperated File
   Wikipedia SLK  Microsoft Excel import format - Microsoft Excel
   DotWhat SLS3  Excel 3 Template
   File Extensions SLS3  Microsoft Excel 3 for Mac template file
   DotWhat SLS4  Excel 4
   File Extensions SLS4  Microsoft Excel 4 for Mac template file
   DotWhat SLS5  Excel 5
   File Extensions SLS5  Microsoft Excel 5 for Mac template file
   DotWhat SLS8  Excel 98 Template
   File Extensions SLS8  Microsoft Excel 98 for Mac template file
   FILExt SXL  Sealed Excel Worksheet (SealedMedia)
   File Extensions SXL  Sealed Excel worksheet file
   FILExt SXLS  Sealed Excel File (SealedMedia)
   File Extensions SXLS  Sealed Excel spreadsheet
   File Extensions SXLSX  Sealed Microsoft Excel 2007 worksheet file
   FILExt SXLT  Sealed Excel Template (SealedMedia)
   FILExt SYK  Excel SYLK Spreadsheet Format (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions SYK  Microsoft Excel Symbolic Link format
   DotWhat SYK  SYLK spreadsheet format (Excel)
   FILExt SYLK  Excel SYLK Spreadsheet Format (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions SYLK  Microsoft Excel for Mac Symbolic Link
   DotWhat SYLK  Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file
   Wikipedia TXT  Tab-Delimited Text File - Microsoft Excel
   FILExt UDF  Excel User Defined Function (Microsoft Corporation)
   FileInfo UDF  Excel User Defined Function
   WikiExt UDF  Excel User Defined Function
   File Extensions UDF  Microsoft Excel user defined function file
   DotWhat UDF  Microsoft Excel User Defined Function
   File Extensions UXDC  Microsoft Excel data retrieval service connection file
   Cryer XAR  Excel auto-recover save file
   FileInfo XAR  Excel Auto-Recovery File
   WikiExt XAR  Excel Auto-Recovery File
   FILExt XAR  Excel AutoRecover File (Microsoft Corporation)
   File Extensions XAR  Microsoft Excel AutoRecover backup
   DotWhat XCEL  Excel File
   File Extensions XCEL  Microsoft Excel for Mac spreadsheet
   FILExt XL  Excel Spreadsheet (Microsoft Corporation)
   FileInfo XL  Excel Spreadsheet
   WikiExt XL  Excel Spreadsheet
   DotWhat XL  Microsoft Excel for Apple Mac Spreadsheet
   File Extensions XL  Microsoft Excel spreadsheet
   Wikipedia XLA  Add-in macro sheet - Microsoft Excel
   FILExt XLA  Excel Add-in (Microsoft Corporation)
   FileInfo XLA  Excel Add-In File
   WikiExt XLA  Excel Add-In File
   DotWhat XLA  Microsoft Excel Add-in
   File Extensions XLA  Microsoft Excel add-in
   Cryer XLA  Microsoft Excel VBA add-in file
   DotWhat XLA_  Excel 4 Add-In
   File Extensions XLA_  Microsoft Excel 4 for Mac add-in file
   DotWhat XLA5  Excel 5
   File Extensions XLA5  Microsoft Excel 5 for Mac add-in file
   DotWhat XLA8  Excel 98 Add-in
   File Extensions XLA8  Microsoft Excel 98 for Mac add-in file
   FILExt XLAM  Excel Add-In (Microsoft Corporation)
   TrID XLAM  Excel Macro-enabled Open XML add-in
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   FileInfo XLAM  Excel Open XML Macro-Enabled Add-In
   WikiExt XLAM  Excel Open XML Macro-Enabled Add-In
   Cryer XLAM  Microsoft Excel add-in file
   File Extensions XLAM  Microsoft Excel Open XML macro-enabled add-in
   DotWhat XLAM  Microsoft Office Excel (2007+) Add In (Macro Enabled)
   FILExt XLAMENX  egis Encrypted XLAM (Excel 2007) File (HiTRUST Inc.)
   FileInfo XLB  Excel Toolbars File
   WikiExt XLB  Excel Toolbars File
   FILExt XLB  Excel Worksheet (Microsoft Corporation)
   Wikipedia XLB  Microsoft Excel Toolbar - Microsoft Excel
   Cryer XLB  Microsoft Excel toolbar file
   DotWhat XLB  Microsoft Excel Toolbar
   File Extensions XLB  Microsoft Excel toolbars settings
   DotWhat XLB4  Excel 4 Toolbar
   File Extensions XLB4  Microsoft Excel 4 for Mac Toolbars file
   File Extensions XLB5  Microsoft Excel 5 for Mac Toolbars file
   DotWhat XLB8  Excel 8 Toolbar
   File Extensions XLB8  Microsoft Excel 98 for Mac Toolbars file
   DotWhat XLBN  Excel 1 spreadsheet
   DotWhat XLBN  Excel 1
   File Extensions XLBN  Microsoft Excel 1 for Mac Toolbars file
   FILExt XLC  Excel Chart (Microsoft Corporation)
   FileInfo XLC  Excel Chart
   WikiExt XLC  Excel Chart
   Wikipedia XLC  Microsoft Excel Chart - Microsoft Excel
   Cryer XLC  Microsoft Excel Chart file
   DotWhat XLC  Microsoft Excel Chart
   File Extensions XLC  Microsoft Excel chart
   DotWhat XLC_  Excel 2.2 Chart
   File Extensions XLC_  Microsoft Excel 2 for Mac Chart file
   DotWhat XLC3  Excel 3 Chart
   File Extensions XLC3  Microsoft Excel 3 for Mac Chart file
   DotWhat XLC4  Excel 4
   File Extensions XLC4  Microsoft Excel 4 for Mac Chart file
   FileInfo XLD  Excel Database File
   WikiExt XLD  Excel Database File
   FILExt XLD  Excel Dialog (Microsoft Corporation)
   Wikipedia XLD  Microsoft Excel Dialog - Microsoft Excel
   Cryer XLD  Microsoft Excel Dialog file
   DotWhat XLD  Microsoft Excel Dialogue
   File Extensions XLD  Microsoft Excel dialogue
   FILExt XLK  Excel Backup (Microsoft Corporation)
   FileInfo XLK  Excel Backup File
   WikiExt XLK  Excel Backup File

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