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File extension filetypes

Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   FILExt ADF  ArcView ARC/INFO Coverage Data File (ESRI)
   FileInfo ADF  ESRI ArcInfo Binary Grid Format
   FILExt AEP  ArcExplorer Project (Environmental Systems Research Institute Inc. (ESRI))
   DotWhat AGF  Atlas Geo File (ESRI GIS & Mapping software)
   FILExt AIH  ArcView Optional Index File (ESRI)
   FILExt AIN  ArcView Optional Index File (ESRI)
   Cryer ALG  ESRI Mapper File
   FILExt APR  ArcView Project File (ESRI)
   FILExt AVE  ArcView Avenue Script (ESRI)
   FILExt AVL  ArcView Theme Legend File (ESRI)
   FILExt AVP  ArcView Pallet File (ESRI)
   FILExt AVX  ArcView Extension File (ESRI)
   File Extensions BGD  ESRI binary raster definition
   FILExt BIL  ArcView Image File (ESRI)
   FileInfo BIL  ESRI BIL File
   FILExt BIP  ArcView Image File (ESRI)
   FILExt BLW  ArcView World File For BIL Image (ESRI)
   FILExt BML  BusinessMAP Map Layer File (ESRI)
   FILExt BPW  ArcView World File For BIP Or BMP Images (ESRI)
   FILExt BQW  ArcView World File For BSQ Image (ESRI)
   FILExt BSQ  ArcView Image File (ESRI)
   FILExt BZM  BusinessMAP Map File (ESRI)
   FILExt CLS  ArcView Geocoding Classification File (ESRI)
   FileInfo CPG  ESRI Code Page File
   File Extensions CSHP  ESRI ArcView shape file
   FILExt DB  ArcView Object Database File (ESRI)
   FILExt DBF  ArcView Shapefile Attribute Table File (ESRI)
   FILExt DBG  ArcView Problem Debug Log File (ESRI)
   FILExt DCP  ArcView Default Codepage File (ESRI)
   FILExt DCT  ArcView Geocoding Dictionary File (ESRI)
   FILExt DEC  ArcView UNIX Hyperhelp Supporting File (ESRI)
   FILExt DEF  ArcView Defaults File (ESRI)
   FILExt DEM  ArcView Digital Elevation Model File (ESRI)
   FILExt DGN  ArcView Design Drawing File (ESRI)
   FILExt DIR  ArcView INFO Directory Manager File (ESRI)
   FILExt DLG  ArcView Digital Line Graph File (ESRI)
   FILExt DTD  ArcView UNIX Hyperhelp Supporting File (ESRI)
   FILExt E00  ArcInfo Coverage Export (Environmental Systems Research Institute Inc. (ESRI))
   File Extensions E00  ESRI map file export
   File Extensions ECFG  ESRI XML zipped database
   Cryer ECP  ESRI Core Product authorization file
   File Extensions EFL9  ESRI license information
   File Extensions ELF9  ESRI floating license
   File Extensions ELU  LISCAD ESRI lookup data
   File Extensions ESI  ESRI plot data
   FILExt ESI  Esri Plot File
   Cryer ESRIADDIN  ESRI add-in file
   DotWhat ESU  ESRI Single Use License Information file
   FILExt EYA  eYaViewer Graphic (ESRI China (Beijing))
   FILExt FBN  ArcView Spatial Index File For Read-Only Datasets (ESRI)
   FILExt FBX  ArcView Spatial Index File For Read-Only Datasets (ESRI)
   FILExt FLS  ArcView Windows Help Supporting File (ESRI)
   FILExt FTG  ArcView UNIX Help Supporting File (ESRI)
   FILExt FTS  ArcView UNIX Help Supporting File (ESRI)
   FILExt GDB  ArcView Geodatabase (ESRI)
   Cryer GDB  ESRI GeoDatabase file
   FILExt GEN  ArcView ARC/INFO UnGenerate Format (ESRI)
   FILExt GFW  ArcView World File For GIF Image (ESRI)
   FILExt HDR  ArcInfo Binary (Environmental Systems Research Institute Inc. (ESRI))
   FILExt HDR  ArcView Header File (ESRI)
   FileInfo HDR  ESRI BIL Header File
   FILExt IDX  ArcView Geocoding Index For Read-Only Datasets (ESRI)
   FILExt IXC  ArcView Geocoding Index For Read-Write Coverages (ESRI)
   FILExt IXS  ArcView Geocoding Index For Read-Write Shapefiles (ESRI)
   File Extensions JPW  ESRI JPEG world data
   FILExt KEY  ArcView Geocoding Matching Keys (ESRI)
   FILExt LIN  ArcView ARC/INFO Lineset Symbol File (ESRI)
   FILExt MAT  ArcView Geocoding Matching Parameters File (ESRI)
   FILExt MPA  BusinessMAP Map Layer File (ESRI)
   FILExt MSC  eYaMosaic Graphic Mosaic (ESRI China (Beijing))
   FILExt MXC  ArcView Geocoding Index For Read-Write Coverages (ESRI)
   FILExt MXD  ArcMap GIS Project File (Map) (ESRI)
   FILExt MXS  ArcView Geocoding Index For Read-Write Shapefiles (ESRI)
   FILExt MXT  ArcMap Map Template (ESRI)
   File Extensions NAVMAP  ESRI data
   FILExt NDX  ArcView Fonts Index File (ESRI)
   FILExt NIT  ArcView INFO Table Definitions File (ESRI)
   FILExt ODB  ArcView Object Database ASCII File (ESRI)
   FILExt PAT  ArcView Geocoding Pattern Recognition File (ESRI)
   FILExt PDF  ArcView Preferences Definition File (ESRI)
   Cryer PMF  ESRI ArcGIS published map file
   FileInfo PMF  ESRI Published Map File
   File Extensions PMF  ESRI published map
   FILExt PPS  ArcView Processing Set Codes (ESRI)
   FILExt PRJ  ArcView ESRI Coordinate System Definition (ESRI)
   FILExt RLC  ArcView Image File (ESRI)
   Wikipedia RRD  Reduced Resolution Dataset - ESRI (GIS)
   FILExt RS_  ArcView Image File (ESRI)
   FILExt SBN  ArcView Spatial Index For Read-Write Shapefiles (ESRI)
   FileInfo SBN  ESRI Spatial Binary File
   FILExt SBX  ArcView Spatial Index For Read-Write Shapefiles (ESRI)
   FileInfo SBX  ESRI Spatial Index File
   FILExt SDC  BusinessMAP Map Layer File (ESRI)
   File Extensions SDC  ESRI SDC dataset
   FILExt SDI  BusinessMAP Map Layer File (ESRI)
   File Extensions SDW  MrSID header file (ESRI picture file)
   File Extensions SERVERSTYLE  ESRI ServerStyle data
   FILExt SHD  ArcView ARC/INFO Shadeset Symbol File (ESRI)
   FILExt SHP  ArcView Shape (ESRI)
   File Extensions SHP  ESRI ArcView shapefile
   FILExt SHP  ESRI GIS & Mapping Software Shape File
   FileInfo SHP  ESRI Shapefile
   Wikipedia SHP  Shape file and sdiv id="PYI"> - PYIource file for text fonts - ESRI shapefile
   FILExt SHX  ArcView DataBase Index (ESRI)
   Wikipedia SHX  Shape entities - ESRI shapefile
   FILExt STN  ArcView Geocoding Standardization File (ESRI)
   FILExt TAB  ArcView Lookup File (ESRI)
   File Extensions TAT  ESRI geographic text attribute table
   FILExt TBL  ArcView Geocoding Support Table (ESRI)
   FILExt TFW  ArcView World File For TIF Image (ESRI)
   FILExt WLD  ArcView World File For CAD Datasets (ESRI)
   FileInfo WLD  ESRI World File
   File Extensions X00  Esri ArcInfo export data
   File Extensions ZLAS  ESRI optimized LiDAR file

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