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Website  EXT   Filetype description                                    
   TrID OBJ  3D Construction Kit Object
 Header Hexdump:  4F 42 4A 54 
   TrID OBJ  3D Data Description object
 Header Hexdump:  46 4F 52 4D 
   File Extensions OBJ  3D object graphics
   FILExt OBJ  Blender 3D Object (The Blender Foundation)
   TrID OBJ  Blender 3D object
 Header Hexdump:  23 20 42 6C 65 6E 64 65 72 
   TrID OBJ  CADRazor 3d model
 Header Hexdump:  76 20 
   TrID OBJ  Common Object File Format (COFF) Library
 Header Hexdump:  21 3C 61 72 63 68 3E 0A 2F 20 20 20 20 20 20 20  
   Wikipedia OBJ  Compiled machine language code
   FILExt OBJ  Hyperion-CADRazor 3D Model (TITAN Algorithms)
   File Extensions OBJ  Intel (Object Module Format) relocatable object module
   TrID OBJ  Intel 80386 Common Object File Format (COFF) object
 Header Hexdump:  4C 01 
   TrID OBJ  LightWave 3D exported object
 Header Hexdump:  23 
   FILExt OBJ  LightWave 3D Object (NewTek)
   DotWhat OBJ  Lightwave 3D Object
   FILExt OBJ  Metatools Object Bryce Support File
   TrID OBJ  Microsoft Basic 7.1 compiled object code
 Header Hexdump:  80 
   TrID OBJ  Microsoft BASIC PDS 7.x DOS Object module
 Header Hexdump:  80 
   TrID OBJ  Microsoft QuickBASIC 4.0 DOS Object module
 Header Hexdump:  80 
   TrID OBJ  Microsoft QuickBASIC 4.5 DOS Object module
 Header Hexdump:  80 
   TrID OBJ  Microsoft VBDOS 1.0 compiled object code
 Header Hexdump:  80 
   File Extensions OBJ  Microsoft Visual Studio object
   TrID OBJ  Oberon V4 Object code
 Header Hexdump:  F8 36 
   Wikipedia OBJ  Object code - Intel Relocatable Object Module
   Cryer OBJ  Object file (Windows)
   TrID OBJ  OMF - Relocatable Object Module Format
 Header Hexdump:  80 
   TrID OBJ  QDOS executable
 Header Hexdump:   
   DotWhat OBJ  Relocatable Object Code
   FileInfo OBJ  Relocatable Object Code
   FILExt OBJ  Relocatable Object Code
   TrID OBJ  TransFORTH compiled object code
 Header Hexdump:  A9 4C 8D F5 03 8D E1 A6 A9 
   FILExt OBJ  UVMapper Object (Stephen L Cox)
   TrID OBJ  UVMapper object
 Header Hexdump:  23 20 66 69 6C 65 20 67 65 6E 65 72 61 74 65 64  
   FileInfo OBJ  Wavefront 3D Object File
   FILExt OBJ  Wavefront 3D Object
   TrID OBJ  Wavefront Object (created by 3D Max)
 Header Hexdump:  23 20 4D 61 78 32 4F 62 6A 20 56 65 72 73 69 6F  
   TrID OBJ  Wavefront Object (created by Hexagon)
 Header Hexdump:  23 57 61 76 65 66 72 6F 6E 74 20 4F 42 4A 20 66  
   TrID OBJ  Wavefront Object (generic)
 Header Hexdump:  23 
   Wikipedia OBJ  Wavefront Object
   TrID OBJ  X-CAD Modifier Table
 Header Hexdump:  41 43 4D 54 00 00 
   DotWhat OBJ_  Object File

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